Why is Wunder missing from LEC Spring split?

The evolution of the LEC 2023 season continues, and many fans and players are still shocked by what happened... Eduardo | 21. March 2023

The evolution of the LEC 2023 season continues, and many fans and players are still shocked by what happened to Fnatic in the LEC Winter Split, where they were left out of the Group Stage for the first time in their history. Undoubtedly, that first tournament for the Orange was a complete disaster, and even the start of the Spring Split was a complete disaster.

After the popular team finished second to last in the table and had no chance of advancing to the Group Stage, the organization announced that it would make some changes to its roster, and boy, did it make them. Ultimately, it was Rúben “Rhuckz” Barbosa and Martin “Wunder” Hansen who Fnatic sacrificed.

Wunder explains his departure from Fnatic

All of us involved in the competitive world of League of Legends, especially in the EMEA scene, know that Wunder has been very vocal about many situations around the scene.

A few hours ago, Wunder was a guest on Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera’s YouTube channel. During the broadcast, the Danish player explained why Fnatic dropped him from the starting lineup for Spring Split 2023.

The player explains that Fnatic was doing different tests on many players, and finally, he highlights that the squad is much worse than the Winter one.

Wunder was sincere in this interview and pointed out that, after the debacle in the Winter Split, Fnatic wanted to do tests to make changes in the roster. However, the player stresses that he was not hopeful about the new lineup and that he would not join the tryouts of a team he does not want to play with. Undoubtedly, this explains one of the reasons for Fnatic’s terrible performance in the Winter Split.

Wunder points out that he didn’t want to play with Oscarinin

Later in the broadcast, Wunder points out that the organization was interested in having him train with Oscar Oscarinin Muñoz, but he didn’t want to. To all this, Dane said, “Fnatic chose Oscar. So, both Oscarinin and Henk “Advienne” Reijenga were the privileged ones who jumped from Fnatic’s academy team to the main team.

Fnatic’s awakening?

The start of the Spring Split for Fnatic was genuinely dreadful, as the team began with four consecutive losses. However, in the second week, they managed to win the Sunday and Monday games, which puts them with a 2-4 record tied at the bottom of the leaderboard with Team Heretics, EXCEL Esports, and MAD Lions.

Now, all we have to do is wait for week 3 of the LEC Spring Split 2023 to start and unfold, and then we will find out if Fnatic’s victories were an awakening or a mere mirage. The teams will compete for a spot in the Group Stage during the third and final week of the regular phase this weekend.

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