Why gamers love the new VALORANT mode Swiftplay

Riot Games’ tactical shooter VALORANT was released almost three years ago, but there’s no doubt that the developers keep... Eduardo | 31. January 2023

Riot Games’ tactical shooter VALORANT was released almost three years ago, but there’s no doubt that the developers keep the fresh game thanks to constant updates.

Besides fixing bugs, balancing maps, and improving or nerfing agents, the developers keep the flame alive with new game modes. This is the ideal way for Riot to attract new and veteran players and allows them to focus on the competitive mode.

Some game modes are not as popular as others that have met all the players’ expectations. Therefore, these modes were removed, and we are sure they will never return.

Swiftplay mode

It is improbable that the last game mode released in VALORANT will meet the same fate of being removed. Of course, we are talking about the Swiftplay mode.

Many players have shared their opinions about this mode on different social networks; apparently, it is liked in every way.

On the other hand, on the popular Reddit forum last Sunday night, the VALORANT community praised Riot for introducing this new game mode.

One player said:

“As an adult with a full-time job, house, family, etc., and not much time to play, it’s been really nice. I can play a few quick games in the time it takes to warm up…. I’m still able to play an objective based game, practice using it, and have some fun.”

Thank you Riot for Swift play. from VALORANT

But what is Swiftplay mode in VALORANT?

For those close to League of Legends, this new mode will be somewhat similar to what an ARAM match represents.

In VALORANT’s Swiftplay mode, we will have everything that a typical game includes, but with a reduced duration. With four rounds for each side, we will have to score five to win the game. The average duration of this mode is around 15 minutes, so there will always be room for a game at the beginning or end of our day.

As we know, VALORANT has a learning curve that can be steep for those players new to the esports scene. This can be very frustrating for players who don’t have much time or energy but still want to have fun. However, Swiftplay offers players a way to do just that.

Players say they don’t have time to play

Some VALORANT-loving community members noted that they don’t have enough hours to devote to the game. But with the new Swiftplay mode, everything has changed, as it offers them a way to have fun quickly instead of playing a game and disconnecting.

On the other hand, others point out that it is a beneficial game mode to wait for their friends to arrive in the lobbies and want to warm up for a while.

Swiftplay mode is similar to Unrated play in that no ranking is tied to player performance. But to win, a team only needs to win five rounds.

While some think Swiftplay is redundant because Unrated mode already offers a way for casual players to have fun, its faster pace makes a difference.

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