Who Will Win BLAST Premier Spring Final?

BLAST Premier Spring Final is quickly approaching and at least seven of its eight participants are very strong CS2... Radu M. | 9. June 2024

BLAST Premier Spring Final is quickly approaching and at least seven of its eight participants are very strong CS2 teams.

So the question is: who will win this prestigious event that offers $425.000 in prize money, a direct invitation to BLAST Premier World Final (for the winner), and thousands of BLAST Premier points?

G2 Esports

G2 Esports recently won an important trophy at IEM Dallas, so they are for sure one of the strongest teams in the tournament. But there is one little problem: that trophy was won while competing with Stewie2K as the 5th member of the team.

Since then, G2 went back to their standard formation, which includes HooXi. And he’s the IGL! So we’ll have to see what happens in group B, where G2 needs to compete against Team Vitality, Team Spirit, and Virtus.pro. Three teams will advance to the playoffs, so it’s enough for them to beat either Vitality or VP.

Team Vitality

Vitality lost the Grand Final of IEM Dallas on the third map of the Grand Final, largely because of ZywOo’s poor performance. The French superstar played very well for most of the tournament, but in that critical moment he simply couldn’t focus well enough.

Vitality is currently ranked 3rd globally, so we should expect them to get at least a top four result.

Natus Vincere

After winning the Copenhagen Major, Natus Vincere finished 9th – 12th at ESL Pro League S19 and IEM Dallas. These disappointing results indicate that there might be an internal problem that the roster is struggling to solve, so we shouldn’t expect the Ukrainian team to finish in the top four. But they could definitely finish in the top six.

In fact, it would be strange if they didn’t because they play in group A, along with SAW.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is still ranked 2nd globally and their consistency in 2024 has been phenomenal. Anything less than a top four result would be a disappointment.


Astralis finished 3rd – 4th at their last four S-tier tournaments, which is an indication that they’re in great shape right now. A top six result at BLAST Premier Spring Final shouldn’t be hard to obtain.

Team Spirit

Spirit is another team whose consistency is great. They tend to play poorly in the playoffs, but they almost always dominate the group stage.


VP’s chances of surviving the first stage of the tournament are slim, but we should never assume that they will get eliminated just because the competition is a bit stronger. The skill difference between the teams is still pretty small.

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