Maria | 25. January 2023

Which esports games have mobile versions?

Mobile esports has become one of the biggest platforms for competitive gaming and are a phenomenon.

Although many in the PC world are unaware of their existence, lists of the most watched esports competitions often include mobile esports games at the top.

Mobile esports games, such as Garena: Free Fire and Clash Royale, have made a name for themselves. However, some developers have created mobile versions of well-known PC esports games to break into the lucrative and growing mobile esports industry.

Read on to learn about the most popular games that have mobile versions.

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the world’s most popular video game franchises is Call of Duty (COD). Thanks to its popularity, developer Activision Blizzard created the Call of Duty League (CDL), a franchised esports organization.

A popular esports title in the mobile sector is Call of Duty: Mobile, a mobile adaptation of the game. The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021, organized by Activision Blizzard, distributed a prize pool of $2 million.

Apart from the World Championship, with its substantial cash prizes, other smaller competitions complete the picture. Moreover, COD Mobile has been one of the most popular in various regions, such as Brazil, India, and Southeast Asia, known for having crucial mobile esports scenes. According to Esports Charts, the Philippines Championship 2021 tournament alone attracted more than 87,000 spectators.

Major esports organizations such as Natus Vincere, Team Vitality, FunPlus Phoenix, Wolves Esports, Tribe Gaming, and Blacklist International have taken an interest in the COD Mobile scene.

PUBG Mobile

Perhaps the mobile version of PUBG Mobile is today’s most well-known title in esports. The game, inspired by its PC counterpart PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), moves Battle Royale gameplay elements to mobile devices. It has proven to be a highly successful sport, with the mobile version often performing better in viewership than the main game.

The main competition in PUBG Mobile’s competitive scene is the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL). In 2021, it had a substantial total prize pool of $6 million, which was reduced to $4 million in 2022.

The global league is divided into regions:

  • Southeast Asia
  • South Asia
  • Middle East and Africa
  • Americas
  • Europe

Each of the areas has its own PMPL Championship.

The game is trendy in Southeast and South Asia, especially India, China, and Malaysia. The Nova Esports of China team won the 2021 championship and took home $1.53 million.

In addition, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2020 is the third most-watched esports event in history, with a peak of 3.8 million viewers.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends mobile devices, Wild Rift, is one of the most popular competitive video games on smartphones and tablets.

Riot Games made significant financial investments in developing a competitive environment for Wild Rift in both the typical mobile strongholds of the East and in Western nations, where mobile e-sports are much less prevalent.

The Wild Rift Icon World Championship season’s grand finale brings together 24 teams from 8 zones. The prize money for the 2022 Championship was $2 million. In fact, according to Esports Charts, $5.2 million in prize money was handed out in Wild Rift tournaments last year alone.

Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe approaches its parent title differently than many of its competitors. First of all, the mobile edition of Rocket League users plays in a 2D environment.

Rocket League Sideswipe is relatively new and, in some ways, less challenging than its PC counterpart.

However, a modest esports community is growing around the game, partly thanks to developer backing. Psyonix, the company behind Rocket League, has sponsored esports competitions with thousands of dollars at stake.

Users wishing to access these events can do so in Europe through Rocket Baguette, in Oceania through RLO Swipe Series, in North America through Rival Esports, in South America through Rocket Street, in Asia and the Middle East through Grand Clash, and in North America through Rival Esports.


There is a mobile version of Fortnite, a famous battle royale game on PC, which has already hosted an esports competition. However, due to Fortnite developer Epic Games opting to use its payment method to avoid paying the Apple and Google app stores’ 30% transaction fee, both the iOS App Store and Google Play store removed Fortnite from their respective mobile app stores.

In addition, in May 2021, the mobile version of Apex Legends, a well-known battle royale game with a small esports community, was formally released. However, Apex Legends Mobile does not have much of an esports scene.

On the other hand, more esports games are being developed for mobile devices. For example, riot Games is working on VALORANT Mobile, while Rainbow Six Mobile is already in closed beta.

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