What to expect in Teamfight Tactics in 2023

Riot Games has finally revealed the name of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) collection number 8. The name of the new... Maria | 23. March 2023

Riot Games has finally revealed the name of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) collection number 8. The name of the new collection is Monsters Attack; it’s safe to say that players have a lot of exciting things coming up shortly.

The new collection’s theme is based on heroes and monsters, plus the Star Guardian feature returns to TFT, something the community has long desired.

However, that’s not all Riot Games has revealed for TFT. Riot has given the game’s fans the roadmap for 2023, where the upcoming collections are shown. Therefore, we can say that TFT for 2023 has much to offer to the gaming community. With all this in mind, let’s discuss what is coming to TFT.

What to expect in Teamfight Tactics in 2023

As mentioned before, TFT’s plan for 2023 is very broad, and players of the title can expect an incredible year.

Riot Games has first confirmed that many TFT collections will be released this year.

The new collection is Monsters Attack; thanks to this collection, the game developers have organized a new event for the spring of this year. With this event, Riot plans to reveal the new TFT cosmetics. In addition, during the spring, players can enjoy the 8.5 set, which brings vitality and excitement to TFT.

Following the schedule, TFT set 9 will begin in the summer of this year, it seems this set will have a historical focus. At the moment, we have no details about that set. However, we should remember that the summer marks four years since its launch. This could mean more in-game rewards, new cosmetics for the celebration, and much more.

Then for the fall, we will have the arrival of Set 9.5, which will bring to TFT another touch of fresh air renewing the game, and to end the year, will come set 10. So definitely, this year comes loaded with new things for all fans of TFT, where they will have a lot of new content throughout 2023.

As we get closer to each of the TFT set releases, we will bring you the information with all the details.

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Credits: Riot Games

TFT Collections

Many TFT fans are wondering when they will be able to enjoy each set to be released by Riot; however, at the moment, no dates have been released for sets 9 and 10.

However, right now, players can already enjoy TFT set 8.5. In this set, new game mechanics and quality-of-life improvements have been added.

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