What is Diablo 4 Code 315306 and How To Fix It?

Some Diablo 4 players have been reporting an error when attempting to log in-the code 315306 which says “Cannot... Stalingrad | 8. April 2024

Some Diablo 4 players have been reporting an error when attempting to log in-the code 315306 which says “Cannot find a valid license.” It looks like connectivity issues and server issues are behind this error as opposed to some kind of licensing or account issue on the players side.

The 315306 error occurs when players try to play Diablo 4 occasionally when the game servers are down in their area. Interestingly, the 315306 error has also appeared for some players – especially on PlayStation 5 – when servers were said to be online and working.

What is the Diablo 4 Code 315306 Error Solution?


The Diablo 4 code 315306 error can be easily fixed by simply waiting for it to happen. In case the error is thrown because no servers in your region are live yet, simply wait until they go live and you can log in normally.

But if you still get the 315306 error after the servers are reported as online, then you may have overloaded servers or Blizzard is still working on resolving existing technical issues. In these instances, there’s nothing a player can do apart from visit the official Diablo 4 support website and hope they update themselves.

Blizzard is Investigating the Diablo 4 Code 315306 Error on PlayStation 4


This Diablo 4 code 315306 error seems to be particularly persistent for PlayStation 5 players. Blizzard specifically stated that they are investigating the 315306 error on PlayStation and working on fixing it.

Meanwhile, PlayStation players who get the 315306 error are urged to perform some troubleshooting steps. A number of situations are solved by rebooting the computer and logging into their Battle.net account. PlayStation users can also try restoring their licenses through the Settings menu, which has helped some players get past the 315306 error.

Diablo 4 Server Issues and Connectivity Issues: How to Solve It?


As a massively multiplayer online experience, Diablo 4 is heavily dependent on Blizzard’s servers – and the sheer volume of players coming through – especially during massive content drops – has often drained the servers. The fact that Diablo 4 is always-online has caused some players ‘annoyance – the game must be plugged into Blizzard’s servers all the time.

Blizzard acknowledged these server and connectivity issues, and has been working on making the game feel more stable and fluid. But in a live service game where the player pool is constantly expanding, keeping up with demand has proven a constant struggle.

Keeping Up To Date With Diablo 4 Server Status and Support


For Diablo 4 players experiencing the code 315306 error or any other connectivity issues, the best advice is to just wait and learn. Players should also check Blizzard’s official Diablo 4 support channels, social media profiles, and community forums regularly for server status reports and troubleshooting tips.

Alongside the official support channels, the Diablo 4 community on Reddit, Discord and various fansites can be a useful resource as well. Share experiences, troubleshoot issues and look out for future news from Blizzard.