Henrieta | 16. September 2022

Did EA drive Team Liquid out of Apex Legends? 

Just two days after the highly-anticipated reveal of ALGS Year 3, one of the most prominent esports organizations Team Liquid announced the release of its star Apex Legends roster. The Apex community is understandably in shock, while the reason for the decision stays unclear. 

Team Liquid has announced today that its Apex Legends roster is now allowed to search for a new home organization ahead of the new ALGS season. 

Because the reason for the decision reportedly didn’t have anything to do with the team’s performance or behavior, nor was it made due to situations in the org’s roster in other titles, a question arises: what is the reason for the dissolution of Team Liquids’ Apex squad? 

EA allegedly in disagreement with Apex teams 

The release of Team Liquid’s Apex Legends squad coincides with the reporting of Jake Lucky, alleging that multiple Apex Legends teams are having difficulties coming to an agreement with Electronic Arts regarding Apex org skins, which are set to come out soon. 

Full Squad Gaming’s Jake Lucky first reported on the matter last week, claiming that EA’s offer to esports teams for their Apex skins supposedly involved no revenue share for teams and players. 

Based on community reactions, such a move from EA probably wasn’t a surprise to anyone, and at the same time, if true, it would be showcasing the level of the publisher’s poor dedication to supporting the esports scene of its hugely successful title. Indeed, EA is not exactly known for the support and development of the Apex scene, as the long-term lack of top-tier Apex competition proves. 

Is the issue with skins the reason for Liquid’s exit from Apex? 

While the rumors regarding the Apex skins haven’t been confirmed, nor has the connection to team Liquid’s exit from the Apex Legends esports scene, the response of Liquid’s IGL Brandon “oh Nocturnal” Singer to Jake Lucky’s reports indicates that the two things might be related. In a recent live stream, Nocturnal revealed that the team “did not get the treatment that they needed”, however, he later clarified that the organization treated him very well during his three-year-long tenure with Liquid. 

All things considered, the dispute with EA would explain why one of the biggest North American esports organizations is moving away from the scene so suddenly, despite having one of the best Apex squads in the region.

However, it raises a question of what this might mean for the rest of the teams in competitive Apex. If EA’s handling of the esports scene would make Team Liquid willing to exit so abruptly, it’s only a matter of time before other teams will follow.

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