Maria | 24. January 2023

Were dream` and HYDRA involved in match-fixing?

Dota 2 team HYDRA and player Kiyalbek “dream`” Tayirov was accused of match-fixing or game manipulation. In Neon League matches, there were notoriously high stakes. In addition, the team showed questionable behavior, which resulted in an investigation into the team.

Immediate controversy has been linked to the current Dota Pro circuit. A month ago, numerous pros, including Virtus, were permanently banned from the competition for account sharing.pro’s Kamil “Koma” Biktimirov.

Currently, there is another accusation of fraud. This time it is about the HYDRA team. Due to strange occurrences during matches, the team and its player dream` were caught in the crossfire and accused of match manipulation by the Neon League.

Strikingly high stakes and poor play

HYDRA now competes in the second division of the EEU DPC. Still, he wanted to increase his training, so he participated in the Neon League tournament until the start of the second division matches.

But something happened in the Neon League that caused the community to rampage again. The administrators discovered strange things were happening with betting during the matches. Apparently, there was a significant increase in wagered amounts, which is alarming. Betting totals generally hovered around $50 and unexpectedly rose to $6,700. And at that point, HYDRA lost the first game questionably.

What does dream` have to do with it?

HYDRA’s support player, dream, played poorly, an uncharacteristic behavior for which he was at the center of accusations. Despite being the event’s favorites against the disqualified Team IVY, Hydra lost the first map mysteriously. 90% of the betting predicted that they would lose a map.

When administrators studied HYDRA’s internal communication records, they discovered several instances where dream` forced fights between the team despite being at a disadvantage. For example, in one of these battles, the player carrying the weapon was 160 gold away from regaining possession. As a result, HYDRA’s actions were questionable, given that it would only take a few seconds to farm this acquisition.

Is HYDRA innocent?

After the investigation, HYDRA denied all allegations, but the team agreed to cooperate. All evidence was sent to administrators, Valve, and other tournament organizers in the area by the tournament officials involved in the case.

If HYDRA is found guilty, the accused players could face lifetime bans from participating in Valve events, forcing them to leave EWU Division 2 before they even start.

Other dream` inconsistencies

dream` has been accused of manipulating games in the past. In November 2021, an investigation was launched into Fantastic Five players, including dream`, following an audio recording between team executives. However, the investigation was shelved because officials did not consider the conclusive recording evidence.

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