WePlay Academy League: BIG Academy dominate group stage

After 13 tough days during which the Academy CS:GO teams faced each other, the group stage of the WePlay... Fragster | 9. August 2022

After 13 tough days during which the Academy CS:GO teams faced each other, the group stage of the WePlay Academy League Season 5 has come to an end.

The top two teams in each group have already qualified for the playoffs, while places two to four will play for the remaining two spots for the playoffs starting today, August 9 at 3 pm CEST. But before the playoffs start, let’s take a look at the recap of the group stage. 

BIG Academy excels in the group stage

The clear high-flyer of the group stage was the Academy Team from the German organization BIG. They picked up 10 straight wins from the start before NiP’s Academy Team stopped them on a flawless 12-0 run. Especially newcomer Tom “skyye” Hagedorn was able to settle in quickly and mostly achieved very good results on the server. The team’s new IGL, Elias “s1n” Stein, who took over the role of captain from Nils “k1to” Gruhne, was also able to shine.

Only on the penultimate day of play did they lose out against the Young Ninjas. On Overpass, they lost quite clearly to the Swedes with a 3-16 scoreline. Nevertheless, the BIG Tatze is enthroned from first place in Group B. Above all, the lap ratio of 147-97 laps is outstanding. Due to the surrender of the Young Gods, the number of rounds is less than is possible in 12 games.

MOUZ NXT eliminated

The biggest surprise came from the only winner of the WePlay Academy League, MOUZ NXT, who have won all four seasons of the competition so far. However, the Mousesports Academy Team did not make it through Group A, winning six games, but also losing six.

With this yield, they ended up in Group A’s fifth place and were therefore eliminated from the tournament. After transferring Jon “JDC” de Castro and Adam “torszi” Torzsas to the MOUZ main CS:GO roster, it’s the first setback for the young squad. With MOUZ NXT having missed out on qualifying for the playoffs, this edition of WePlay Academy League will see a brand new winner. 

Play-In matches set

Group A was very exciting until the last game, as almost every team seemed to have a chance to qualify for the play-ins. In the end, Fnatic Rising is at the top of the table with 8 wins and can look forward to a direct place in the playoffs. The remaining three play-ins contenders’ spots were earned by NaVi Junior, Spirit Academy, and Astralis Talent, with all three squads’ scores being 7 wins and 5 losses.

In Group B, the final table is clearer. The BIG Academy is in first place with nine victories and only one loss. Young Ninjas secured the top play-in seed, while FURIA Academy and OG Academy find themselves in third and fourth place, respectively. League newcomers ENCE Academy were eliminated in sixth place.

Play-In Matches schedule:

  • Match1: FURIA Academy vs. Astralis Talent (August 9 at 3 pm CEST)
  • Match2: Spirit Academy vs. OG Academy (August 9 at 6 pm CEST)
  • Match3: NaVi Junior vs. Winner of Match 1 (August 10 at 3 pm CEST)
  • Match4: Young Ninjas vs. Winner of Match 2 (August 10 at 6 pm CEST)

The winners of matches three and four will advance to the playoffs and then meet the two already seeded teams BIG Academy and Fnatic Rising. All play-in games will be played in the best-of-three format.

The WePlay Academy League Season 5 Grand Final takes place on Sunday, August 14 at 7 pm CEST.

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