Warzone 2 pro Futives sets $100K challenge for Infinity Ward devs

Since the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone 2, many professional players and content creators have accomplished the most... Eduardo | 31. January 2023

Since the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone 2, many professional players and content creators have accomplished the most complicated goal of this new Battle Royale: to achieve the nuclear mission.

Some players do it for entertainment, others to improve themselves, while others do it because they want to be known in their streams. However, not many have managed to do it, as it is a complicated task.

This is the case of professional gamer and content creator Futives, who is unhappy with Infinity Ward. This dissatisfaction is because the player was unable to complete the nuclear mission during a 19-hour broadcast on Twitch. The player, distraught, issued a $100,000 challenge to the developers.

Futives issues $100,000 challenge

The Call of Duty: Warzone 2 community knows exactly who this player is. For those who don’t, Futives is considered one of the best Warzone 2 players, but his nearly day-long chase for a nuke took unfortunate turns.

As he was ending the day and seeing that he would not be able to accomplish this mission after 19 hours, he had some words towards the game’s developers, Infinity Ward. Futives stated that he would give $5,000 to see the developers have a three-game winning streak and up to $100,000 if they complete the nuke contract.

The professional gamer and content creator held absolutely nothing back as he complained about the state of the game and how frustrating he thought it was to play. Futives said:

“I would go into debt for the rest of my life to watch them play this shit for a nuke… this is not a joke. This is a promise and a challenge. I would get down on all fours naked and bark like a dog to see how they would play this.”

Futives complains about 19 hours of streaming.

The streamer called the pursuit of this contract for 19 hours a waste, claiming that “developers make the dumbest decisions for the health of the game.”

For those who don’t quite understand what we’re talking about, the nuclear mission contract, or Champion’s Quest as it’s called, consists of players collecting different items around Al Mazrah to activate a nuclear bomb. This bomb wipes out everyone in the game and awards the winning team the rare Champion’s Domination victory.

This contract can activate only after winning five consecutive matches in Battle Royale mode. In addition, the contract must be completed in the sixth match. Any defeat that breaks this winning streak resets the counter to zero. So, players must start winning all five games again.

The upcoming changes in the February 15 update have received a lot of early praise from the community. Futives is undoubtedly not alone in believing that the game needs profound changes.

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