Vitality holds off Rekkles on first day of LEC 2023 Winter Split

The return of League of Legends superstar and legend Martin “Rekkles” Larsson to the LEC in the offseason was... Eduardo | 22. January 2023

The return of League of Legends superstar and legend Martin “Rekkles” Larsson to the LEC in the offseason was a tremendous joy for all European LoL fans.

Many people were excited to see their favorite player, a legend, return to the LEC for a new season. Moreover, the fact that he was doing it in what has been his home for his entire career, Fnatic, generated a lot more expectations. But unfortunately for these excited fans, Team Vitality didn’t hear about it.

Vitality overshadows Rekkles’ comeback

After a spectacular and hard-fought back-and-forth match between the two best teams in the LEC, Vitality managed to win with masterful performances from their new additions. The Top Lane and jungler rose to the occasion in their LEC debut, of which there is no doubt.

At one point in the series, everything seemed to indicate that Fnatic could take the victory, but, Vitality managed to snatch the match from them thanks to different heroic plays at the end of the game.

When the Nexus exploded, Kyeong “Photon” Gyu-tae and Zhou “Bo” Yangbo took 11 of Team Vitality’s 16 kills, leading the team to victory. This, most notably after some outstanding plays on Jax and Graves. This pair of Vitality stars took it upon themselves to bail out Rekkles’ return to the LEC with Fnatic, as the veteran player wondered what he and his team could have done better.

Rekkles didn’t perform as expected

Rekkles didn’t have the game he would have dreamed of. Of that, there is no doubt. The veteran had a minimal impact in the return match, as he only managed one of his team’s thirteen kills. Also, it should be noted that he only had two assists, a performance to forget, without a doubt.

Rekkles and his Varus failed to position themselves correctly to help his team in battles. As a result, he was always the last Fnatic player alive after a fight.

On the other hand, he managed to keep up with the farm but decided to use a different strategy based on auto-attack. But Team Vitality’s close-range damage made it too dangerous for him to step up in the game.

Unfortunately for the fans and Rekkles himself, it’s not the best way to start the year, but it’s only the first match of the season. While he knows Fnatic like the back of his hand, his teammates are all new faces (except Martin “Wunder” Hansen).

Rekkles showed that he would need some time to find the pace of play and performance that suits his new teammates. That is if he wants Fnatic to have a great season.

Header: Rekkles | Twitter