VCT Pacific League: Paper Rex defeated DRX Gaming to be crowned champions

Paper Rex created history, emerging victorious over DRX Gaming in an epic showdown to claim the inaugural VCT Pacific... Jason | 29. May 2023

Paper Rex created history, emerging victorious over DRX Gaming in an epic showdown to claim the inaugural VCT Pacific championship. Now, with their sights set on the coveted trophy, a staggering $100K in prize money, and the prestigious top seed at the Masters Tokyo event at the playoffs stage, they prepare to face their formidable rivals once again. Not to be outdone, DRX Gaming secured the runner-up spot, earning $65K USD and securing a group stage slot in both Masters and Champions later this year.

Paper Rex clinched the series with an impressive comeback

In a stunning display of precision and tactical brilliance, DRX dominated PRX with a convincing 13-6 victory on Fracture. PRX struggled to counter Rb’s Neon, who exploited Stax’s Breach stuns. Kim “Zest” Gi-seok emerged as the hero, securing the win and effectively halting PRX’s attacker-side momentum. DRX’s triumph in the first map of the grand finals sent a resounding message. The battlefield now shifts to Ascent, where DRX makes its pick.

Paper Rex came out strong, securing four consecutive rounds at the start of Ascent, but the first half ended with a tightly contested 6-6 scoreline. The second half intensified as both teams fiercely fought for dominance, leading the map to overtime. After a series of thrilling exchanges, DRX Gaming emerged victorious in the 30th round, clinching a hard-fought 16-14 win. Ilya “something” Petrov showcased his brilliance with an impressive 30 frags on Reyna, earning him the MVP title.

After an intense triple-overtime battle, Paper Rex orchestrated a remarkable comeback in the VCT Pacific League. Faced with a dire situation, PRX responded with a stunning 13-3 victory in the third game of the series. Playing on Lotus, a map that DRX had consistently avoided in the league, PRX seized a significant advantage. Wang “Jinggg” Jing Jie played a crucial role, amassing 20 kills and an impressive 323 ACS, showcasing their individual prowess and contributing to PRX’s triumphant resurgence.

Paper Rex maintained their dominance over DRX on the Pearl map, securing an 8-4 lead in the first half. Although DRX displayed resilience in the second half, PRX’s well-coordinated gameplay proved decisive. Despite DRX winning pistol rounds and showing signs of a comeback, PRX swiftly contained their momentum and sealed the fourth map with a 13-8 score, leveling the overall score at 2-2 in this intense showdown.

In the ultimate showdown, Paper Rex emerged triumphant over DRX, completing an impressive 3-2 comeback. Ilya “something” Petrov continued to shine, showcasing his unrivaled skills. The support player, d4v41, was equally impactful on Skye. DRX struggled to find answers against PRX’s tactical prowess, whether on attack or defense. Their strategies left DRX completely bewildered, solidifying Paper Rex’s victory and highlighting their dominance in the match.

Ilya “something” Petrov emerged as the overall MVP of the best-of-five clash. He dropped a total of 95 kills at 1.28 KD with 241 ACS.

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