VCT Masters Shanghai Playoffs Day 6 Predictions

After a long pause, Valorant action is back. Only four teams remain in Shanghai, and the venue has changed... Owen | 7. June 2024

After a long pause, Valorant action is back. Only four teams remain in Shanghai, and the venue has changed to the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Let’s go over the matchups for Day 6 of the VCT Masters Shanghai Playoffs!

Two spicy matchups are lined up for the day:

  • G2 Esports vs. Gen.G
  • 100 Thieves vs. Team Heretics

G2 Esports vs. Gen.G

As everyone expected, Gen.G has made another deep run, this time securing a top-three finish already. The South Korean squad has not dropped a single series throughout their Masters Shanghai campaign, taking down gigantic teams such as 100 Thieves and Fnatic along the way.

Karon and the crew displayed a masterclass performance in their recent victory against the Thieves. Though there were scrappy plays from both sides, Gen.G showed they could thrive in the chaos and come out on top.

Meanwhile, we have G2 Esports on the other side. They were ranked as one of the lowest teams coming into the event, and they have made an incredible run already. The road for G2 to get to this point wasn’t easy either. They defeated T1, Paper Rex, and Team Heretics, twice. 

However, it is a fact that the North American squad got pretty lucky the other day. They were down 2-11 on Ascent against Team Heretics, but miraculously won 11 rounds in a row to steal the map and series. 

Overall, G2 has shown that they should not be taken lightly. Still, it is bizarre to think that Gen.G would lose this series. The Asian roster has been performing up to expectations, and G2 had to count their lucky stars to be here. Fragster thinks Gen.G should take the win, but G2 could be good for one map. 

100 Thieves vs. Team Heretics

The North American Thieves were ranked highly in everyone’s power rankings, and are here to send a message. They lost the Upper Bracket series against Gen.G to drop to the Lower Bracket, where any loss would result in elimination.

100 Thieves had just played one of the most intense matches in Valorant history against Paper Rex. Both teams dominated on their map picks, and Icebox was required as a decider. It was an extremely close match, but the Thieves scraped past with a 14-12. Still, it can be agreed that Paper Rex threw multiple rounds and man-advantages, so it is pretty fortunate for 100 Thieves to still be breathing. 

Still, Paper Rex was the team to beat coming into the tournament, and nobody expected an easy game against them. The individuals on 100 Thieves are looking crisp, especially the team’s youngster, bang. He had some amazing clutches, with a crucial 1v2 in Overtime to seal the game. 

On the other side, we have Team Heretics, a team with a stand-in. Despite the absence of MiniBoo, the remaining EMEA representatives have been looking relatively good. After an insane choke against G2, Team Heretics focused up and got a fast 2-0 victory against FUT. 

Benjyfishy has been playing some great Valorant on the Sentinel role, and W0ot isn’t doing too bad either. However, we can all agree that Team Heretics has not had too many tough opponents in Shanghai so far. This match against 100 Thieves will be their first real test. 

Unlike the first series of the day, this one is an elimination match. Both teams will come into this match feeling pressured, so we might see some messy gameplay from either team. On paper, 100 Thieves should win this series, but Team Heretics has a really good chance to upset. We’ll predict that 100 Thieves wins 2-1. 

Header: VALORANT Champions Tour Official