VCT Americas Playoffs: LOUD and Evil Geniuses advance to Upper Bracket finals

The second day of the VCT Americas League playoffs is history, and we have LOUD, the region’s favorite team,... Eduardo | 25. May 2023

The second day of the VCT Americas League playoffs is history, and we have LOUD, the region’s favorite team, who won excellently over FURIA Esports. While Evil Geniuses continued its Cinderella run in the tournament and crushed Cloud9 2-0. As a result, LOUD and EG will meet in the Upper Bracket final next Friday, May 27.

In addition, it is also worth noting that both LOUD and Evil Geniuses secured their tickets for the upcoming Tokyo Masters and VALORANT Champions, as regardless of what happens in the Upper Bracket final match, both teams secured a TOP 3 finish in the tournament. On the other hand, Cloud9 and FURIA will have to play for their lives from now on through the Lower Bracket.

Let’s see what happened in the Upper Bracket semifinal matches of the VCT Americas League.

LOUD apply a clean sweep against FURIA

LOUD continues to prove that their level of play is a step or two above the rest of the teams by giving FURIA Esports a real beating by 2-0. But, unfortunately, it’s not just the fact of the final score but that both maps were dominated from start to finish by the VALORANT Champions 2022 winners.

The series was played on Haven (FURIA) and Ascent (LOUD).


It all started in Haven, the map pick of FURIA Esports, where LOUD held absolutely nothing back from the start of the match. Felipe “Less” Basso had a spectacular day and led his team to a very comfortable 13-4 victory to go ahead in the series.

LOUD won six of the first seven rounds on their attacking side to ensure, at the very least, to leave with the score even in the first half. After that, however, FURIA could not win more than three rounds, and LOUD took a 9-3 partial victory. Then, at the change of sides, LOUD set out to clinch the match as quickly as possible, and they took a comfortable 13-4 victory.


On the second map, Ascent, it was more of the same from LOUD, as Less continued his excellent level of play and led his team again to a 13-5 victory.

FURIA tried to discomfort their rivals on their attacking side by starting the first half by winning the first two rounds. However, this did nothing but wake up the LOUD boys to take a partial first half victory by 9-3 for the second consecutive map.

At the change of sides, FURIA again won the first two rounds, but exactly the same thing happened: LOUD managed to win the remaining four to take the victory by 13-5.

With this, LOUD secures its place for the next Tokyo Masters and VALORANT Champions 2023.

Evil Geniuses surprise by crushing Cloud9

EG, the underdog team in these playoffs, has pulled off a huge upset by crushing Cloud9 in every way in this VCT Americas Upper Bracket semifinal match. Alexander “jawgemo” Mor had a spectacular match and finished with 172 ADR, 291 ACS, and a 1.56 Rating.

The series was played at Fracture (EG) and Bind (C9).


Evil Geniuses gave a small taste of what was to come for Cloud9 at the start of the first half in their map pick, Fracture when they managed to take a partial 8-4 victory. This undoubtedly left the Cloud9 boys, who arrived with a lot of confidence and with the label of favorites, very surprised.

Evil Geniuses gave no respite to Cloud9 at the change of sides and managed to take the victory after winning five of the first six rounds played.


The EG boys placed the icing on the cake on the second map, Bind, when they crushed Cloud9.

EG had a spectacular performance on this map and, above all, on their defensive side, as they did not allow Cloud9 to deploy their offensive arsenal. Also, it’s worth noting that Cloud9 could plant the Spike only four times, which perfectly demonstrated how good EG’s guys were at each site.

Finally, after an impressive 10-2 run in the first half, Cloud9 could do nothing on the change of sides and got crushed 2-13.

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