Valve announces new brands for CS:GO

Valve has unveiled two new trademarks for CS:GO, which has caused rumors of a Counter-Strike beta to grow. At... Maria | 20. March 2023

Valve has unveiled two new trademarks for CS:GO, which has caused rumors of a Counter-Strike beta to grow. At the moment, no information has been confirmed, but the first details may arrive before long.

A beta for CS:GO 2 is expected to appear sooner rather than later. These rumors arose after Richard Lewis initially reported about it; many updates of the title in the background on Steam have backed them up. However, excitement is building, and speculation is growing thanks to Valve’s two trademarks.

When will the CS:GO Source 2 beta arrive?

The gaming community expects the beta to launch before the end of March. However, no downloadable beta is available now, which has left all users on edge for the entire month.

On Friday, March 17, Valve has made the registration of trademarks:

  • Counter-Strike
  • CS2

Thanks to that, gamers assume that these actions of Valve are related to the developer’s upcoming release.

About the new brands for CS:GO

Aquarius, the Twitter user responsible for closely following all the small changes and movements related to the possible development of a new version for the beloved CS:GO. So the registration of the two trademarks has caught his attention.

Aquarius is responsible, and we all know that last March 17, Valve Corporation made the registration of the trademarks. These trademarks are related to entertainment services, explicitly offering online video games.

In addition, it is stated that these marks are related to the CS:GO mark, which is listed in the application as a “related property,” as expected.

These new trademarks could indicate that some changes are coming to the game. However, it is not confirmed that this will happen.

What could change in CS:GO?

Many speculations have arisen; some people comment that the name of the game may change, and these are the options they have thought of:

  • Counter-Strike 2
  • Counter-Strike Source 2
  • CS2
  • CS:GO Source 2

As for the trademark for “Counter-Strike,” it is possible that Valve will completely change the name of CS:GO and remove the “Global Offensive” element.

One of the user theories is that when the beta is available, this Source 2 version will carry the name CS2. Then at the time of the game’s official release, the Source 2 version will be integrated with CS:GO.

Or even at some point, the game’s name will change and be called Counter-Strike.

As we’ve said before, it’s all just conjecture by game fans. But these two new brand names could be Valve’s confirmation that the title will undergo some changes.

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