Shubh | 13. April 2022

Valorant’s new Patch 4.07 brings LATAM server

Valorant’s new Patch 4.07 will add a new Latin American server, which will improve the latency in the region. Along with the new server, the patch will also introduce some minor changes to Bulldog and Stinger.

Valorant’s new Patch 4.07

Ping spikes and slow connection has been one of the biggest problems faced by players from the LATAM region. Riot has finally addressed the issue, and Valorant is now ready to launch its own spanking new Latin American server with the next patch.

Since the matter had been unresolved for a long time, players from the LATAM region are praising Riot’s action. The new server will be available as soon as the new patch 4.07 goes live.

Stinger and Bulldog will also see some small adjustments as a result of the new patch. Switching to ADS after the update will delay the fire input, preventing players from obtaining burst-mode accuracy before the gun stabilizes.

Although the change is minor, it has a significant impact and it could be a deciding factor during a gunfight. However, the modification will have no effect on hip-fire, but the delay will make it difficult to manage burst mode with the ADS open.

Additionally, there are a few more changes that will be implemented to the ability-based weapons. This change will impact Chamber’s gun and ultimate abilities for Jett, Neon, and Raze. There will be one more change and it will be implemented on Agent Skye. With her ultimate ability, she can destroy the doors on the Ascent map. This will, at the very least, boost the efficiency of her ultimate on Ascent.

In addition, the new patch addresses the in-game delay when purchasing VP. Purchasing VP from the store used to be a challenging task due to the store’s slow loading time. However, the new patch ensures that the menu will open instantly.

New Valorant Agent is on the way

Lastly, Riot added a number of hints about a new incoming agent in the shooting range. The latest patch includes a new prison cell as well as a new audio message from the new agent.

The audio and information in Brimstone’s office clearly indicate that a new agent is on the way. Furthermore, when entering Brimstone’s office, the screen goes dark, which appears to be an effect. It could be one of the new agent’s abilities, but we’ll have to wait and see what Riot brings to the table following the zip-zap “Neon.”