Maria | 21. January 2023

VALORANT systems hacked, patch 6.2 delayed

Unfortunately, the VALORANT PBE 6.2 preview and subsequent patch have been postponed until early February. The cause was not disclosed when it was first posted on VALORANT’s official Reddit page for public beta environments. This sparked more rumors, which Riot Games decided to quell with a subsequent announcement.

On January 20, Riot Games openly revealed information about an alarming social engineering attempt in its development environment systems. Riot Games, the company behind popular IPs such as VALORANT and League of Legends, is undoubtedly facing severe concerns about a potential data breach and other associated problems.

The next patch, 6.2 for VALORANT, has been postponed

The developers have stated that they have found no evidence that player data or personal information has been compromised. This is a significant relief for the moment, although they have yet to discover any additional answers.

Not surprisingly, the attack temporarily prohibits Riot Games from releasing new content for both games. This has led to an inevitable delay in the release of patches for VALORANT 6.2 and League of Legends 13.2. Also, Riot Games’ patch update schedule for all of its video game franchises may soon change due to the delay.

In a Twitter post, Riot Games noted:

“Unfortunately, this has temporarily affected our ability to release content. While our teams are working hard on a fix, we expect this to impact our upcoming patch cadence across multiple games.”

According to VALORANT’s official Reddit page, the next PBE is scheduled for February 3. This could be a rough estimate of the time developers might need to fix this problem. As the research will require more work than expected, the PBE may be delayed.

PBE Canceled – Jan. 20-23 | PBE Returns Feb. 3 from ValorantPBE

Riot Games restricts system attacks

The term “social engineering” is frequently used in the context of cybersecurity and significantly impacts Internet users worldwide. Simply put, it is a manipulation strategy employed by criminals to take advantage of typical human behavior and gain access to private information or sensitive systems.

Fortunately, Riot Games was able to restrict the attack to its system, which may have prevented any breach of user data. However, the team is still investigating the issue and has asked for customer patience. More information will be provided to fans as the investigation unfolds.

VALORANT patch 6.2

Major bug fixes for specific Agents are planned for VALORANT version 6.2, along with adding the Lotus map to the game. Based on community feedback following the release of Episode 6, it could also include significant changes to Agents or maps.

Currently, players are experiencing several issues with agent abilities, which has significantly impacted the overall competitive experience of the tactical shooter. However, it is expected that Riot Games will resolve these issues sooner or later, and patch 6.2 will be released soon.

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