Valorant patch 5.0 will bring new map “Pearl” and new rank Ascendent

Riot Games has unveiled the patch notes for Valorant Episode 5 Act 1. The new game update will be... Shubh | 17. June 2022

Riot Games has unveiled the patch notes for Valorant Episode 5 Act 1. The new game update will be released on June 22, bringing a number of new features such as a new map, a new competitive rank, and a farewell to split.

With Patch 5.0, Riot is poised to dazzle Valorant fans with a range of exciting new changes. The eighth competitive map named Pearl will make its debut, while Split will be removed from competitive and unranked play. Chamber, Fade, Jett, and Sova will all receive support from the latest patch, which includes a number of important bug fixes.

New Pearl map

The new underwater map on Omega Earth adds a unique element to the game, but it also results in Split being removed, since Riot believes seven maps are ideal for Valorant. The developer also mentioned that Split’s absence is temporary, but the announcement leaves no clue as to when it will be back.

Pearl appears to be beautifully created, with Industries’ futuristic structures blending seamlessly with traditional Portuguese architecture. Pearl will be a conventional three-lane map with a simple approach, where attackers will descend into defending territory to combat for control of two

According to the League level designer Joe Lansford, Pearl will not have a mechanic like teleportation and mobility support of any doors. Since the map won’t feature any special map mechanics, players can adopt new strategies that reward those with good map knowledge. The map will be introduced with a standard Pearl-only queue, which will be available for 2 weeks. Players can get acquainted with the new map in the unrated mode before taking part in competitive play.

New Rank Ascendant

In addition, the upcoming patch will introduce a new Ascendant rank, which is intended to even out the ranking system. Between Diamond and Immortal, the new rank will be implemented to help with competitive rank distribution without jeopardizing the game’s matchmaking for higher ranks. According to Riot, there are a lot of players in the Bronze and Silver rankings, but they don’t want to overcrowd the Platinum and Diamond ranks.

Finally, the next patch will repair a few bugs in agents, systems, and maps. During Tailwind, Jett will no longer be able to equip a weapon, and players will be able to utilize their spray on a Heaven’s A Garden wall. The complete list of the changes is available in the official patch notes on the League of Legends website.

Header: Riot Games