Maria | 25. January 2023

VALORANT Mobile will enter testing pase

Some online sources claim that VALORANT Mobile will start internal testing within the next week.

Over the past two years, many new games have been released, such as Rainbow Six and Apex. Now the community will have one more option to choose from, thanks to Riot Games’ shooter is available for mobile users. Although the developers have not issued any official statement, rumors claim a fixed timeframe for internal testing.

When will VALORANT Mobile start testing?

VALORANT Mobile’s notable Twitter account @ValorantMBIntel frequently tweets news about the game’s mobile version. The user provides information about the portable version in a recent post.

This post mentions that VALORANT Mobile will start internal testing next week. However, Riot Games has not yet made it official.

Similar to what happened with Apex Legends Mobile and Rainbow Six Mobile, the game is expected to undergo several testing phases before its official release.

VALORANT features that are likely to appear in the Mobile version

Another famous leaker and data miner Sarge OP revealed some of the features of VALORANT Mobile on his Twitter account. Among these is the inclusion of a gyroscope.

This feature has the potential to significantly improve the gaming experience, although the information is only based on rumors and leaks.

According to the publication, pre-registrations will begin in the second quarter of 2023. In addition, the open beta is likely to pass its global launch this year. On the other hand, the twit claims that Riot developers are striving to include cross-play with PC. However, it might not be a good idea to use both devices simultaneously.

What can a Mobile version of VALORANT mean for the community?

VALORANT has quickly become known thanks to its superb gameplay, based on the basics of CS:GO with additional Agent abilities. As a result, many first-person shooter fans have played Riot’s popular game at least once.

Giving mobile gamers access to this popular game will likely improve the video game industry as a whole. Furthermore, adding another well-known game to the lineup will help broaden the industry’s player base, as mobile gaming has developed and established itself in the fiercely competitive sector.

Such popular games as Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile have long been part of the sector. In addition, other games available to mobile gamers around the world will significantly increase the rivalry.

Riot’s shooter has a growing player base, so its creators may have made the right decision in giving players access to a mobile version.

The public has highly anticipated its release. Some also expect a third-person view (TPP) mode similar to Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile. However, Riot Games is the only organization that can confirm these features.

Header: ValorantMBIntel | Twitter