VALORANT – M42 launches roster & announces big investment

Singaporean organization Meliora 42 Esports (M42) has this week announced that it is to invest $750,000 over the next... Fragster | 18. August 2021

Singaporean organization Meliora 42 Esports (M42) has this week announced that it is to invest $750,000 over the next three years. While the investment comes as major news in the region, it was the organization’s new VALORANT roster that grabbed the headlines.

The M42 VALORANT roster will feature the well-known streamer and content creator, Ankit “V3NOM” Panth, with the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive having previously played for Team Brutality. The Indian veteran will be joined by Akash “Rix” More, Kalpesh “Sam” Kotkar, Shelin “Hyper” Verma and Anurodh “Em0” Pashilkar, according to reports. The announcement signals M42’s entrance into the Indian Esports scene, which has been steadily growing over the last 12 months.

What M42 has said on the announcement

Speaking on the news, M42 Chief Marketing Officer, Jesus Garbayo, stated that: “We are thrilled to welcome V3nom and his team to our roster, and are very pleased to have entered India with such a talented team. We truly believe in India’s potential to be an Esports Superpower in the near future, and the announcement of our Valorant roster is just the first step, as we are planning to invest over $750,000 in the Indian Esports Ecosystem over the next 3 years.”

M42 also appears to be on the verge of joining the host of organizations that have entered the mobile Esports scene over recent months. Speaking on this possibility, Garbayo stated: “We are working on putting together a team for BattleGrounds Mobile India, Call of Duty: Mobile and Free Fire so watch out for more exciting announcements. We are also working with our Local and Global partners to help develop grassroots infrastructure for Esports in India.”

What else M42 will do upon entering the Indian Esports scene

As part of their strategy to grow in India, M42 will also be running amateur events and coaching platforms in India, which will be known as “Josudo”. Josudo primarily focuses upon Esports tournaments for all abilities, with anyone being able to join at any time. The fact that M42 was able to attract a star such as V3NOM certainly gives the org a good platform to build upon.

V3NOM is one of the best known Esports personalities in India, having become a household name in the VALORANT community. His fans will undoubtedly be keen to see what he can do under the banner of M42, while the Red Bull athlete and Intel brand ambassador will be hoping that the move will boost his profile yet further also. The 32-year-old currently has a little under 10k followers on Twitch.

M42 is currently home to over 50 athletes and content creators from around the world, while they have rosters competing in League of Legends Wild Rift, Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile.