VALORANT Americas Players Association established

For some time now, within Riot Games’ competitive ecosystem, there have been different players’ groups or associations supporting each... Eduardo | 22. December 2022

For some time now, within Riot Games’ competitive ecosystem, there have been different players’ groups or associations supporting each competitor’s rights and welfare in leagues, such as the LCS in North America or the LEC in Europe.

Derived from their success in solving many of the concerns of pro players in recent years, several reports pointed out that this model would be replicated for the VALORANT scene before the start of the new international leagues of VCT 2023.

The VALORANT Professional Players Association for the Americas (AVPA) has been launched after several months of behind-the-scenes work in conjunction with Riot Games.

AVPA Objective

The VALORANT Players Association for the Americas operates under the LCSPA, which is responsible for representing the rights of League of Legends players in the region and developing different opportunities for them.

According to the official statement, AVPA’s mission is:

“Establish leadership, launch a database of Valorant contracts for players, and create protections for players at all levels.”

Leading this project is the former coach of Team Solo Mid, or as we all know it, TSM, Taylor “Tailored” Broomall. Which points out that this association aims to establish a healthy relationship with Riot to continue improving esports and job security for players.

It should be noted that despite the connection of this player’s association with Riot Games, it is not funded by the developer and has no financial ties to Riot.

Taylor “Tailored” Broomall

Until recently, Tailored had a pivotal role in supporting major professional players, as he operated as an FPS coordinator and agent at esports agency Prodigy.

Prodigy is the agency that represents players such as Sentinels star Tyson “TenZ” Ngo and KCORP player Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom.

Additionally, Tailored has represented several North American professional players and assisted with sponsorship activations and ideal contract changes.

We do not doubt that thanks to his understanding of the players’ needs when he was a coach and all the movement generated when he was part of the Prodigy agency, Tailored’s appointment seems promising.

According to Tailored, AVPA is:

“Working closely with Riot to create a healthy and thriving scene.”

Phil Aram, LCSPA executive director, said:

“Before taking this role, Taylor was already pouring his heart into organizing VALORANT players even before the partner program was announced.”

“Now he can dedicate himself to this work full-time and, with the support of the LCSPA, build transformative programs for player rights in the FPS space that are long overdue.”

AVPA has been working for months

Although the announcement was made just a few hours ago, VAPA has been working for the past few months hand in hand with Riot to improve the status of the various professional VALORANT players.

As rumored, this association started with its movements in August 2022. And it is formed by around 30 professional players who have unconditional support from the members of the LCS Players Association.

According to different sources, the association was formed after the announcement of the creation of the VCT franchise program in early 2022. The change from an “open” format to a franchise system concerned some professional players.

Header: VCT Photos | Flickr