Usain Bolt’s team WYLDE replaces NAVI in BLAST R6 Europe League

Days go by, and the exodus of some important organizations from the different esports scene continues. For example, a... Eduardo | 28. February 2023

Days go by, and the exodus of some important organizations from the different esports scene continues. For example, a few days ago, we had the departure of Astralis, TSM, and FURIA Esports.

These well-known organizations are now joined by the Ukrainian organization, NaVi, which announced on February 27th that it was leaving the Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene.

NaVi leaves R6, and WYLDE replaces it in BLAST R6 Europa League

The Ukrainian organization announced they are now withdrawing from the Rainbow Six Siege competitive scene. This move comes after they traded players Edoardo “T3b” Treglia and Jesse “Jeggz” Ojanen to WYLDE a few days ago. However, the organization decided to leave the scene altogether.

NaVi’s official statement reads:

“NAVI will not be assembling a new team for Rainbow Six Siege and will be leaving the discipline after almost four years since the debut.”

“We thank all the players and coaching staff of the team for their professionalism, dedication, and incredible moments that fans of the club will not soon forget. Special thanks to Ubisoft and the Rainbow Six Siege community for their warm welcome and continued support throughout our journey in the discipline.”

As mentioned, WYLDE, a team of which Usain Bolt is a co-owner, will take its place in the BLAST R6 Europe League.

In addition to the transfer of T3b and Jeggz to NaVi, the organization has released Jordan “Kayak” Morley, Jake “Leadr” Fortunato, Jamie “Skiddie” Diamond, and Alonso “ALO” Diez. These players are still under contract with the organization but may negotiate to find a new home.

NaVi retires after almost four years

NaVi joined the R6 competitive scene in 2019 after acquiring the Mock-it Esports lineup. However, this didn’t last long, as in June of that same year, the organization completely changed the roster by signing MNM Gaming.

Since then, the team has competed in three Pro League and nine European League seasons and qualified for the Six Mexico Major and the 2020 and 2022 Six Invitationals.

Now, WYLDE immediately offsets NaVi’s departure from the R6 scene. The esports team of Jamaican track and field superstar Usain Bolt. WYLDE had an outstanding last year: they got a 5th-6th place in the EU Challenger League and won the GSA League.

While these are outstanding achievements for this relatively new organization, there is no doubt that their best achievement was at Gamers8, which was played in August 2022. In this tournament, WYLDE made it to the semifinals and, for that alone, managed to take home approximately $155,000. On top of that, they also took home an extra $100,000 just for participating in the event.

Now, the lineup that WYLDE will have in the BLAST R6 Europe League is as follows:

  • Lukas “korey” Zwingmann
  • Maurice “AceeZ” Erkelenz
  • Lucas “Hungry” Reich
  • Jesse “Jeggz” Ojanen
  • Edoardo “T3b” Treglia
  • Denis “BZ” Dupljak (Coach)

Header: WYLDE