Scott Kostov | 21. September 2022

Udyr adjustments highlight patch 12,18 heading into Worlds

As Riot’s balancing team makes the last adjustments heading into the World Championship, all we can hope for is more diversity.

While patch 12,17 was aimed at giving us a few more viable options to play, the second Worlds patch is focused on tuning them down. Miss Fortune and Hecarim got some love with the previous update, and they have been thriving ever since. With many professional players looking to adjust to the balance changes heading into Worlds, we can hope to see some forgotten picks on the big stage.

League of Legends patch 12,18 champion changes

Both Hecarim and Kalista are losing 25 and 30 base health to make it harder to generate leads through skirmishing. Hecarim is also having the damage and healing scalings on his Q and W abilities reduced by 5%. This should tame the stallion without making the tank build popular again. Nocturne got buffed in the previous patch when he was already decent in professional play, so now Riot are taking away some of his late-game damage. Red form Kayn has also found success after the durability update, serving as a drain tank. He will now heal for less because of lowered damage scalings on his Q ability. Lulu is another constant we have seen during playoffs and since most pro players complain about her W ability, it’s getting nerfed. It will now give less movement speed, have a higher cooldown, and polymorph you for a shorter duration!


Credit: Twitter/Riot Phroxzon

Riot say that Maokai has found his footing since the update he received on patch 12,17. But despite him dominating the top lane, they want to roll out adjustments that will also help him in the jungle. His Q ability will now do 40 more damage at every rank, while his E ability gets lowered AP scalings. His passive will also heal him for less since it’s what makes him so powerful in lane. Miss Fortune will have her attack damage and health growths decreased, while Thresh and Lee Sin will have theirs increased. Thresh’s Flay will now do more damage and Lee Sin’s W ability will give him a bigger shield and more omnivamp. 

Udyr adjustments

Udyr has found a lot more success ever since his complete rework was released two patches ago. A month is enough time for players to better understand how to properly utilize his kit, and Riot doesn’t like the way they are doing it.


Udyr adjustments. Credit: Riot Games

Apart from his health and armor growth being lowered, Udyr is also getting his abilities adjusted. His Q ability will now have its mana cost lowered to a flat 20, and the first two auto attacks after using it will have an increased range of 50. If it’s empowered, the attacks will do additional damage based on maximum health. His Q will also have its AP scaling increased.  The heal, shield, and lifesteal gained using his W ability have also been lowered. His ultimate ability will now do less damage overall and even a lower amount to minions.

Header: Riot Games