Two Valorant teams end the VCT League without a victory

KRÜ Esports and DetonatioN FocusMe failed to win a single match in the regular season of VCT Americas and... Shubh | 20. May 2023

KRÜ Esports and DetonatioN FocusMe failed to win a single match in the regular season of VCT Americas and VCT Pacific League, respectively.   

The VCT League’s regular season is over or almost over for all three regions, and while some teams are getting ready for the playoffs, there are two teams that haven’t managed to win a single game all season. KRÜ Esports ended the regular season with a heartbreaking 0-9 record in the VCT Americas League, while DetonatioN FocusMe ended winless in the VCT Pacific League. While there are no winless teams in the EMEA league, there is a cluster of four teams at the bottom of the standings with only one win.

KRÜ Esports ended their run with a 0-9 record

KRÜ Esports was ousted from VCT LOCK/IN in the first round, so they are winless in the VCT Americas league and overall for the year. The team had a reputation for dominating the South American region and creating a stir at international competitions, but as of 2023, KRÜ has yet to win a series. The team has suffered defeats in all nine matches it played in the regular season.

One of the biggest reasons for the team’s dismal performance is KRÜ was arguably the unluckiest organization during the transfer window. The organization was forced to rebuild with less-than-ideal options after the majority of its key members ended up joining other teams. Although KRÜ hasn’t been able to record a win, the Chilean organization still has five map victories to its credit. Moreover, the squad had the second-worst round differential in the league (MIBR had the worst, at -83), finishing with a -53 difference.

DetonatioN lost all of its games in the VCT Pacific

DetonatioN FocusMe became the first partner team to end a VCT split without a single victory after losing to Talon Esports in the final league match. Throughout the nine games, the squad only succeeded in winning two maps, the first against Gen.G in the second week of play on Fracture and the second against T1 on Split.

DFM has the worst round differential across all three VCT leagues at -86 as they have put up losses heartbreaking losses to teams like Paper Rex, Rex Regum Qeon, ZETA DIVISION, Gen.G, and Team Secret. Earlier at VCT LOCK//IN, DetonatioN FocusMe took a first-round exit after a 0-2 loss against EMEA team Giants Gaming.

The Japanese team’s last scheduled event of the year will be in the Pacific last-chance qualifier for Valorant Champions, where the fourth through tenth-place teams will compete for a spot in the Los Angeles event.

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