Daria Belous | 30. August 2022

Twitch streamers show incentive increase thanks to a new program but fans aren’t excited 

Twitch Partners and Affiliates revealed a rapid growth of their incentive offers for running ads on the platform in September 2022. The increase was caused by the new Ads Program that Twitch revealed this June

The Ads Incentive Program was created to help streamers earn more for their broadcasts and the main change was that now content creators receive not a flat rate for a certain amount of ad views but use a percentage-based system. That means streamers earn 55% of the revenue from each ad that was shown on their channel. The company claimed that this approach can increase income by 150% and it seems that it wasn’t just a marketing statement. 

However, the main condition to join the program was to run three minutes of ads for one hour of broadcast. Of course, not the whole community was excited about it. Many streamers argued that such change seems “a bit spammy” for viewers. Moreover, more ads can discourage viewers from watching the stream, but for small content creators, every spectator is important. 

Streamers revealing incentives 

Recently, many streamers started unveiling their incentive payments for September 2022. For example, Gothalion, who has 1 million followers on Twitch, was offered $21,000. He will receive the money if he streams 133 hours in September and enables 3 minutes of ads per hour of his stream. 

Apart from content creators who have a major audience, streamer Duck shared that his incentive offer was “serious money”. Even though he didn’t share the exact sum, it seems like the offer is worth it. For comparison, this streamer has 18,000 followers on his channel. 

Backlash from the community

However, there are two sides to every story. The first one is that streamers are beyond excited to get worthy offers and turn their streaming hobby into a full-time job. Moreover, their communities are also presumably glad that their favorite creators are now being paid what they deserve. Some fans simply don’t mind watching pre-roll or in-stream ads to support their broadcaster. 

But the second side of the coin is a part of the audience that expressed disappointment with the new Ads Incentive Program, as they’re annoyed with the amount of ads they need to deal with. Also, many fans and streamers expressed concerns about worsening the viewers’ experience, as ads interrupt the broadcast and make spectators switch to other channels or even leave the platform.

While the community hasn’t yet decided what’s worse, the next months will determine the faith in the new program. 

Header credit: The Lost Gamer