Results of TSM’s investigation revelaed, confirm ‘no evidence of unlawful behaviour’ by Reginald

Following the accusations of verbal abuse and harassment against employees by the Co-Founder and CEO of TSM Andy “Reginald”... Henrieta | 28. May 2022

Following the accusations of verbal abuse and harassment against employees by the Co-Founder and CEO of TSM Andy “Reginald” Dinh, TSM has revealed the results of the independent internal investigation. According to the investigator hired by the organization Lynne Davis, “no evidence of unlawful behaviour” was discovered.  

Reginald’s yesterday’s Twitter statement, which included the official summary document of the investigation conducted by the Gutierrez Marca law firm, stated that “no witness described any systemic and/or isolated incidents of sexual harassment or gender discrimination”.

According to the report, 31 current or past TSM, Blitz and ICON employees were questioned by the investigator without limitations. Davis reportedly reached out to a total of 39 witnesses, with none of them reporting misconduct based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Furthermore, all females interviewed did not feel that they were marginalized.

Use of harsh and aggressive language confirmed 

While no cases of misconduct based on demographics have been discovered, the investigation did reveal that Reginald was using “an aggressive and harsh tone” while giving feedback to his employees, including players. 

Three witnesses reportedly claimed to hear Reginald using terms such as “stupid”, “trash” or “worthless” towards employees, with other three describing the TSM CEO as a “bully” and someone who’s “creating a culture of fear”. Furthermore, there was one report of an employee crying as a result of Reginald’s behaviour. However, the rest of the witnesses said that Reginald used those terms towards a work product, rather than his employees.  

Reginald addressed the issue in his Twitlonger: 

“I have frustratingly asked my team members about their work and what value it creates, and at times said that their work ‘creates no value.’ I understand that this can and does make people feel as if I think they are ‘worthless.’ This is not my intent and I am sorry. The bottom line is that my tone and delivery matter, and when I communicate with team members in ways like this, the result can be demotivating.”

In his statement, Reginald also admitted the need to improve his communication with team members and pledged to work on the issue. This will include executive coaching, as well as multiple new company-wide initiatives aimed to improve the workplace environment. 

Reginald under fire

Reginald has been under fire since November 2021, when concerns about Reginald’s abusive behaviour towards employees of both TSM and Blitz first surfaced. This was followed by multiple accusations, including the recent Washington Post article by Mikhail Klimentov, which cited sources from both companies, claiming Reginald was “creating fear amongst employees”.

Former TSM player Yiliang “Doublefit” Peng, who was one of the first to bring out accusations against Reginald, then revealed his own experience with the organization and its CEO. On his live stream, Doublelift discussed how TSM tried to “silence him” through lawyers. 

TSM Allegedly Tried To Sue Doublelift

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng (left) and Andy “Reginald” Dinh (right). Image credit: Riot Games

Besides TSM’s investigation, Riot Games has reportedly commenced its own investigation into Reginald’s actions in January 2022, however, no findings have yet been made public.

Employees not satisfied with findings

Following the reveal of findings from TSM’s investigation, TSM employees reportedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the results at the company’s town hall meeting. According to Mikhail Klimentov, one employee raised attention to how findings were announced and questioned the promised change of company culture. 

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