TSM – launches its second Free Fire roster

TSM launches second Free Fire roster. TSM FTX has announced the launch of its second Free Fire roster, with... Fragster | 25. August 2021

TSM launches second Free Fire roster. TSM FTX has announced the launch of its second Free Fire roster, with the organization having signed the former Black Dragons Esports line-up. The team is based in Brazil and is made up by Rafael “Nappon” Soares, Guilherme “Broco” Brock Barbosa, Victor “VINNIXL” Varela, Marcelo “BOB7” Luiz, while Elias is their coach.

Black Dragons Esports finished as runners-up in the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire (LBFF) Series B recently, meaning that they achieved their goal of gaining promotion to Series A. Series A is the pinnacle of the Free Fire in Brazil. They will now compete under the banner of TSM FTX, when they return to action in the third stage of the LBFF Series A, which gets underway on August 28.

How TSM are looking to dominate the mobile Esports Scene

TSM’s other Free Fire roster is based in India, one of the hotbeds of mobile gaming. The org now has four mobile rosters, while the North American’s now have two Brazilian teams. They acquired a Wild Rift roster in Brazil just last month, with TSM’s Director of Mobile, Jeff “Suijeneris” Chau having stated that they were aiming to dominate the mobile Esports scene across the globe.

Having invested heavily in Brazil, India and at home in North America, it is clear that TSM are going all in.The org has made major moves since signing a $210 million deal with cryptocurrency exchange FTX, with further investment within the Battlegrounds Mobile India scene being anticipated.

If all those Teams succeed TSM will be on top of the mobile esports scene. They exactly know what countries to choose for their teams making really smart decisions.

How TSM entered the Mobile Scene in India

TSM signed the Sixth Sense roster in India in June, which features Indranil “FABINDRO” Saha, Sagar “ILUMINATI” Patel, Jayesh “MR.JAYYT” Yadav, Titas “STONER” Roy and Naitik “OLDMONK” Khoshto. The team finished second in their opening two tournaments with TSM, the Free Fire Pro League India 2021 Summer and the BOOYAH! League Summer 2021. The team previously won the Free Fire Tri Series 2021, an event worth $22,000 in prize money.

Natus Vincere is another leading organization to have acquired a Free Fire roster, having signed the Silence lineup, a team based in Russia. The roster features Ruslan “Dandy” Omorov, Kheibar “VaJniy” Imanov, Aleksandr “DD” Bozhkov, and Amir “Skyrix” Kanatov and is one of the most dominant in the region.