Doublelift reveals a letter from TSM law firm, says the org tried to sue him

Former TSM player Yiliang “Doublefit” Peng has revealed a letter he had received from the organization’s law firm named... Shubh | 7. May 2022

Former TSM player Yiliang “Doublefit” Peng has revealed a letter he had received from the organization’s law firm named Electronic Sports and Gaming Law. On his Twitch live stream, he also discussed how TSM’s CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh tried to “silence him” through lawyers. 

Doublelift’s post followed after Journalist Mikhail Klimentov published an article for The Washington Post about the alleged “culture of fear” in TSM. In said article, Former and current employees of Blitz and TSM made claims against Dinh, which included accusations of verbal attacks, abuse and bullying.

Doublefit, who already has a history with the CEO, discussed the article while streaming live on Twitch. The well-known League of Legends player mentioned his experience with the organization as well as the legal letter from TSM’s law firm. The letter details how the organization planned to sue him for defaming TSM on his live stream.

The letter supposedly arrived two days after Reginald was referred to as a “bully” by Doublefit on his live stream. The letter stated that Doublefit violated his employment agreement on multiple occasions, with the incidents in question occurring last year in November.

According to the letter, Doublefit has broken the mutual termination letter signed when he retired in November 2020, as well as the agreement signed when he returned to the organization as a content creator in March 2021. Furthermore, Doublefit also allegedly breached his employment agreement by disclosing confidential information and defaming the company publicly. For each breach of the agreement, TSM would seek a $100K or $200K compensation depending on the breached agreement. 

Doublefit’s history with Reginald

In November 2021, Doublefit made several accusations regarding the CEO, including describing Reginald as a bully who “can get away with anything” and accusing him of verbal assault. As a result, Riot Games and TSM started an internal inquiry into the complaints, however, the findings are still pending.

After reading the Washington Post article on his live stream, Doublefit headed to Reddit to read Reginald’s response to the piece. In his response, TSM CEO justified the firing of the HR incident that was reported in the story and also mentioned that he will run an “Ask Me Anything” session after the investigation. Doublefit then pointed out that Reginald only responded to one of the charges in the post and failed to justify the rest. He also remarked that it’s not true that Reginald has nothing to hide in response to his AMA comment.