Top 5 Epic Cards for January’s Royal Tournament in Clash Royale

The last monthly Clash Royale tournament in January is the Royale Tournament, where players can participate in eight-card tournaments to... Maria | 13. January 2023

The last monthly Clash Royale tournament in January is the Royale Tournament, where players can participate in eight-card tournaments to win magic items and special prizes.

The Royale Tournament is free for all players, where the top 100 players are rewarded with additional gold and a legendary emote. In this tournament, players can create their deck with all types of cards, from standard to Champion. At the same time, they can buy 500 gems in the bonus level and get the most victories to obtain exclusive rewards.

Read on to find out the best five cards for the January tournament.

The five best cards for the Royale Tournament

Baby Dragon

An anti-air area damage troop card with the epic rarity of Baby Dragon, it excels against swarm army cards like Minion Horde. The player who reaches level two can unlock the powerful Baby Dragon card.

This card is handy because it helps you protect mini cards like Mini Pekka, Dark Prince, and Valkyrie from air attacks. Therefore, it is ideal to use Baby Dragon to support such a deck and avoid a direct attack on the towers by cards like Goblin Barrel and Miner.

  • Cost: 4 Elixir
  • Damage: 212
  • Life Points: 1526
baby dragon

Credits: Supercell


Players who have reached Arena 13 can get the epic card known as the Bowler. This card can be used as a tank against high-damage point troop cards such as wizards and witches and is characterized by being a ranged unit with massive HP while dealing medium and area damage.

When you use Bowler, your enemy is forced to retreat while you cause splash damage. In turn, he excels against charging opponents such as the Dark Prince and Megacavalier.

  • Cost: 5 Elixir
  • Damage: 381
  • Hit Points: 2756

Credits: Supercell


A strong ranged card is the Witch, which can summon skeletons to distract enemy soldiers. All players who have advanced to arena five can get the Witch card. We consider it one of the best cards; it can attack air and ground soldiers and prevent your opponent from advancing.

The Witch can summon four skeletons every seven seconds while damaging enemy units. This card can be used as a support card in the deck.

  • Cost: 5 Elixir
  • Damage: 178
  • Hitpoints: 1110

Credits: Supercell

Goblin Barrel

With an Epic rarity, Goblin Barrel is one of the strongest spell cards. Players can obtain it once they reach Arena 3. This card has excellent power to cause a lot of damage to opposing towers. Therefore, it is recommended that players use Goblin Barrel after the opponent uses low elixir cards such as Fireball and Arrows.

When using Goblin Barrel, three Goblins are released with a lot of damage and hit points, which immediately attack the enemy’s towers. If this card is combined with Royal Giant, Miner, and Electrogiant, you will have a compelling deck.

  • Cost: 3 Elixir
  • Damage: 159
  • Life Points: 267
goblin barrel

Credits: Supercell


The Executioner is a mini tank card of Epic rarity that has a large number of life points. When this card is used, opposing troops and towers suffer a lot of damage caused by its boomerang-like axe.

This card can attack air and ground units; the Executioner is ideal for the player to counterattack after defending against enemy soldiers. Additionally, players can combine Executioner with Mini Pekka and Mega Knight to form an anti-aircraft support unit.

  • Cost: 5 Elixir
  • Damage: 448
  • Hit points: 1696

Credits: Supercell

Header: Supercell