Three gloomy new champions are coming to League of Legends

As Riot Games recently announced, there will be 3 more League of Legends champions this year. These are a... | 9. January 2022

As Riot Games recently announced, there will be 3 more League of Legends champions this year. These are a Jungler, a Support and a “non-traditional Botlaner”. It is already known that two of them will rather belong to the darker species and promise to mix things up.

Back in September, Riot hinted at two new champions for this year – at the time, only a sniper and a support were under discussion. In the meantime, it has emerged that this sniper is Zeri, who was announced in a trailer a few days ago and caused some discussion. Zeri, or “The Spark of Zhaun” is glowing yellow-greenish and likes to let electricity pour out of her fingers to destroy her enemies.

Mixed feedback concerning Zeri

Although she made a blasting entrance, some fans were a little disappointed because she looks a lot like Neon, the new agent from VALORANT, as well as Jinx, except for a few details. The same abilities, the same voice and a very similar face caused the hype to bust immediately again, because the fans had wished for something more original. You can read more about the controversy surrounding Zeri here. Zeri will be League of Legends first new champion in 2022.

The new support will be a sinister enchanter

The new support will be all about power and money. This character is said to be a mysterious “mastermind” who tends to stay in the background and operate from there. This supporter is said to be an “enchanter”. These are characters that actually only make other champions stronger, but they are rather fragile and not very resilient themselves.

However, most enchanters we know are not gloomy – quite the opposite. They are colorful, happy, carefree and naive (like Lulu, Sona or Karma). A dark and possibly evil enchanter could really mix up the bunch. An evil enchanter might get fed up with supporting other champions and never taking credit for it themselves. Maybe the new Enchanter is more power-hungry, selfish, and doesn’t want to be part of the Happy-Go-Lucky troupe anymore. So it could get interesting!

Crimson Jungler

Then we have the potential third candidate, the Jungler. The Jungler is said to be the 2nd champion to be released, so he will be released after Zeri. When developer Ryan Mireles introduced the 2nd champion in a video on the League of Legends Youtube channel, the new champion took direct possession of him.

The developer’s eyes light up purple and he starts talking about a city and the “Empress” in a different voice. The new jungler looks like it’s going to be an interesting creature, apparently following an “omnivorous empress.” We’ll find out exactly what that means when the Jungler is released.

Unconventional bot laner

There is almost no info about the third champion at the moment. All that is known is that he is a “very mysterious and unconventional bot laner” that will be released after the others. As soon as we get more info about this new champion, you’ll find it out here on Fragster. So 2022 promises to be an exciting year in League of Legends and it seems that the new champions will bring a bit of a dark atmosphere to the new year.

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