TheWarOwl shows CS:GO fans the Counter-Strike 2 beta

CS:GO fans can finally take a look at the new Counter-Strike and it seems that the game will not... Radu M. | 25. March 2023

CS:GO fans can finally take a look at the new Counter-Strike and it seems that the game will not change as much as previously anticipated. The changes revolve primarily around graphics. The guns and overall gameplay will stay the same. And yes, that includes skins too.

A few days ago, the famous CS:GO content creator TheWarOwl used his access to the new Counter-Strike to show his followers what the famous Source 2 will be all about. No doubt, this will be a great game once it’s polished and all the bugs have been removed. But it won’t be a new type of CS. Rather, it will be a visually improved version of CS:GO.

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Valve Corporation

How Source 2 looks and feels

Based on the footage provided by TheWarOwl, the new Counter-Strike looks smooth and much more colorful than CS:GO. For old-school players, it might be too much to handle at first. But for new players, it will be exactly right to create the ideal visual experience.

FPS and Hero FPS games that have been released in recent years all have the quality of being visually stunning. CS:GO, by comparison, is quite rugged. The game is more than 10 years old and even with all the updates, it still looks old.

Source 2, by comparison, looks really beautiful. All the materials are realistic and well designed. The maps have been adjusted to make use of enhanced graphics and the overall effect on the eye is both calming and pleasant. Everything looks clean and the contrast between the environment and the agent models is excellent.

For players who love the look and feel of guns, or perhaps CS:GO skins, this new version of Counter-Strike will be a huge step forward. You can now enjoy every detail and have a very immersive experience when competing.

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Valve Corporation

Some of the new elements will take some time to adjust to. The new smoke, for instance, is more realistic and responds to some degree to your bullets.

One aspect that was preserved was realism. There is plenty of blood in the game and it takes a while for it to dry. Some will probably criticize Valve’s decision but it seems that the company wanted to stay true to the core Counter-Strike experience and not turn the game into something cartoonish like Fortnite.

There are still lots of things that need to be adjusted, such as the movement, which feels a bit unnatural at the moment.

Header: Valve Corporation, TheWarOwl