The Wired Lobby to open in Middlesbrough in partnership with Katana Gaming

In partnership with British/Irish organization Katana Gaming, the new esports center known as The Wired Lobby will open its... Maria | 3. January 2023

In partnership with British/Irish organization Katana Gaming, the new esports center known as The Wired Lobby will open its doors soon for LAN esports events in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom. 

The Wired Lobby will reportedly open its doors in early 2023, and will offer an environment that will be a “haven for gamers, providing excellent opportunities for development and enjoyment”.

About Wired Lobby

The concept, layout, and design are the work of the Managing Director of The Wired Lobby Edwin Ford. According to the press release, the venue will be used to host several LAN tournaments each year, with the first tournament estimated to be held in April or May 2023.

The Wired Lobby will feature 50 computers, 40 PlayStation and Xbox consoles, an arena with seating for 100 people, a large stage, eight racing simulators, VIP areas, and streaming facilities.

Level X of the Wired Lobby will also have plenty to keep everyone entertained. It will be set up with a go-kart track, crazy golf, arcade machines, and cyber darts. In addition, a life-size shell of a BTC race car with elite-level equipment will be included.

The Wired Lobby partnership with Katana

Thanks to The Wired Lobby’s partnership with Katana, the European Call of Duty scene will finally be able to enjoy LAN events. Katana’s goal is to allow more players to gain competitive LAN experience and encourage grassroots esports at a time when many organizations are closing due to economic hardship.

Jacques ‘Heffy’ Heffernan, CEO of Katanna Gaming,, said:

“Katana Gaming is delighted to have partnered with The Wired Lobby, we are passionate about eSports and gaming, and it’s great to partner with a company that aligns with our values.”

“We look forward to working alongside The Wired Lobby. Bringing exciting and long-overdue events to gamers will breathe new life into the UK gaming sector. Like our tagline, #allaboutthegamers, we hope to bring a professional gaming experience to the everyday gamer.”

Last year, Katana Gaming participated in the Call of Duty LAN in Sheffield, UK. Katana has since taken over its administrators and acquired the ACCL Twitter account, renamed the Katana Gaming League.

The Wired Lobby also partners with Teesside University

After a series of discussions, Teesside University signed a partnership agreement with The Wired Lobby, which provides ample opportunities for young players in the esports industry.

Andy Preston, Independent Mayor of Middlesbrough, said:

“Middlesbrough’s incredible new esports venue has joined forces with Teesside University to provide opportunities for gamers and games programmers to thrive in the burgeoning e-sports industry.”

Header: Katana Gaming