The PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Season Grand Finals are here!

The finals of the PUBG Mobile Pro League spring season held in South Asia are scheduled to begin in... Maria | 13. April 2023

The finals of the PUBG Mobile Pro League spring season held in South Asia are scheduled to begin in a few hours. April 14 is the day when the grand finals of the PMPL tournament will begin.

In these grand finals, the best 16 teams in the area will compete to take a share of the prize pool and the title of champions. In addition, they will fight for one of the 12 available spots for the following year’s spring season.

The tournament lasts three days, and 18 games will take place; the team that obtains the most points will win the tournament’s first place.

It is important to note that each team arrives with a certain number of points for this tournament, which means an advantage over competitors. These points received by the teams are based on their ranking in the league phase.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Season Finals Details

As discussed earlier, each team arrived with certain points earned based on their qualification to the grand finals. Here we show you a list of each team and the points with which they arrive to compete in this tournament.

  1. Stalwart Esports with 77 points
  2. 4Mercial Vibes with 76 points
  3. T2K Esports with 65 points
  4. IHC Esports with 63 points
  5. DRS Gaming with 57 points
  6. Esports on NB with 53 points
  7. Mabtex Esports with 53 points
  8. Skylightz Gaming with 45 points
  9. Illumin8 Crew with 44 points
  10. LEO Esports with 43 points
  11. High-Intensity Esports Nepal with 39 points
  12. Kunyo TRZ with 38 points
  13. SEAL Esports with 36 points
  14. SITM Esports with 30 points
  15. Deadyes Guys with 29 points
  16. RAW Officials with 27 points

The first two teams to qualify for the grand final are from Mongolia; we are talking about Stalwart Esports and 4Mercial. During the League phase, both teams stood out; thanks to that, they occupied first and second place.

The only team representing Nepal also performed excellently and qualified in third place. On the other hand, the group had a regular performance managing to qualify in good positions, but not in the best.

The teams in the last positions had difficulties during the league phase that did not allow them to show their full potential.

However, nothing is written; we still have many matches to play before we know who will be the winner. Nevertheless, it is expected that during the finals, all the teams will show all their power; besides, the current champion, High Voltage, despite not having many points in the finals, will fight to achieve last year’s feat.

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