The International 2021 Ticket Sales Guide

It looks like TI10 will not be held in an empty stadium after all. PGL, the company that organizes... Radu M. | 18. September 2021

It looks like TI10 will not be held in an empty stadium after all. PGL, the company that organizes the tournament on behalf of Valve, has announced The International 10 ticket sales starting date and the conditions that attendants must fulfill. Things look a bit bleak from an atmosphere perspective, but at least we won’t have the biggest event in the history of Dota 2 without a live audience at all.

The International 2021 Ticket Sales Information

The International 2021 Ticket Sales will start on September 22nd, 12 PM EEST. Fans will have the opportunity to buy 3 types of two-day Main Event bundles.

  • Midweek 1 (October 12th – 13th): ~50 Euros
  • Midweek 2 (October 14th – 15th): ~50 Euros
  • Finals (October 16th – 17th): ~200 Euros

If you want to see the whole event, you will need to pay around 300 Euros per person. The tickets can be purchased here.

Keep in mind that attending The International 10 comes with a list of conditions. All participants of the live tournament must wear masks and be vaccinated. To prove that you’re vaccinated, you will need to provide a certificate (either in English or Romanian) that demonstrates this.

People are limited to buying a maximum of 5 tickets for each ticket bundle, or 15 in total. So if you intend to come with a large group of friends, you will not be able to have all the tickets bought by a single person.

The tickets are non-reffundable, unless the event gets canceled.

There are no VIP tickets, but some sections of the stadium will be reserved for key people. Apart from those sections, you will be able to sit wherever you wish.

After you’ve bought a ticket, you’ll be able to pick it up in the form of an RFID badge at the Will Call stations. These are located north of the west entrance of the stadium, which is called Arena Nationala (or National Arena, in English). You will need to have your government-issued ID with you when you pick up the badge(s) and will be able to do so between 10:00 – 16:00 EEST (October 9th – 11th) and between 8:00 – 20:00 EEST (October 12th – 17th).

Keep in mind that The International 10 is scheduled to take place between October 7th – 17th in Romania’s capital, called Bucharest.


Photo credit: Valve