Radu M. | 30. September 2022

The highest ranked pub players in Dota 2

“MMR is just a number.”, said Daniil “Dendi” Ishutin once. But the truth is that the best Dota 2 players will slowly but surely rise to the top of the rankings table. It might take months or even years. But in the end, highly skilled players will reach the Immortal rank and will continue to climb until they reach 8000 MMR or even more.

It’s hard not to gain MMR on average when you understand the game better than your peers. But new Dota 2 patches can nerf heroes that represent a large percentage of your hero pool. And when that happens, you are forced into picking meta heroes that you may not be as skilled with. Until you master them, you’ll probably lose MMR.

Right now, on Dota 2 patch 7.32c, among the highest ranked pub players you will find a mixture of veterans and youngsters. Each region has its own stars.


The highest ranked Dota 2 players in the Americas are:

  • Roman Roy
  • Kotaro
  • Parker
  • Moo
  • MNZ
  • ArzenT
  • Tiange2015
  • Costabile
  • 13juju
  • PosingAsMe


The highest ranked Dota 2 players in Europe are:

  • Watson
  • Malady
  • Pure
  • No[o]ne
  • Dog1
  • Yatoro
  • DM
  • Iamjakehill
  • Skiter

Southeast Asia

The highest ranked Dota 2 players in Southeast Asia are:

  • Mikoto
  • Abed
  • Raven
  • Quinn
  • Bzm
  • NothingToSay
  • BeeBieCryBaBy
  • XM
  • 23savage


The highest ranked Dota 2 players in China are:

  • Lucius
  • yChen
  • MinG W
  • V
  • L’enfer
  • 12
  • Boy’
  • Htt.
  • 123123

Famous Dota 2 players at the moment

Right now, the players who are regarded as formidable at the professional level are Wang “Ame” Chunyu from PSG.LGD, Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk from Team Spirit, and Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko from Entity. All three of them are highly skilled and could easily carry their teams to a victory against any opponent.

It will be interesting to watch them in action at The International 11. Last year, Ame and Yatoro met in the Grand Finals of the tournament and the battle between them was something to behold. The recent True Sight film, which was released on Dota’s official YouTube channel and garnered 2.6 million views, shed more light on what happened there.

It’s always impressive to see players of the highest caliber fighting against each other and trying their best to find the winning hero pick or the winning strategy. Their struggles inspire all of us and reveal some of the hidden beauty of Dota 2. This highly complex game manages somehow to always surprise us. And its best players always find the best ways to win.

Header: Valve Corporation