The First Descendant System Requirements

For those eager to dive into the sci-fi action-adventure world of The First Descendant, knowing if your gaming rig... Pablo | 10. July 2024

For those eager to dive into the sci-fi action-adventure world of The First Descendant, knowing if your gaming rig can handle the game is crucial. The minimum system requirements include an Intel i5-3570 or AMD FX-8350 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 570 GPU. These specs ensure a smooth introduction to the looter shooter experience powered by Unreal Engine 5.

Gamers looking to optimize their experience might explore the recommended configurations for an enhanced performance. With support for 4-player co-op and massive boss battles, The First Descendant promises an exhilarating ride, particularly for those with upgraded hardware.

To see how your current setup compares and whether you’ll enjoy seamless gameplay, visit detailed resources like Can You RUN It and The First Descendant on Steam. These links offer comprehensive information on both minimum and recommended PC specs, ensuring every player can gear up appropriately.

Overview of The First Descendant

The First Descendant is a free-to-play third-person cooperative action RPG shooter. The game boasts high-quality graphics and a rich array of features that cater to fans of strategic combat and cooperative play.

Players can engage in thrilling boss fights that require strategic planning and teamwork. The game supports 4-player co-op, allowing friends to join forces and tackle challenging missions together.

The game is designed to provide a unique experience through its diverse roster of characters. Each character comes with distinct abilities and skills, offering varied gameplay options. The gunplay is dynamic, and players can utilize a wide range of weapons and equipment.

Loot collection plays a significant role in character progression. Players can gather equipment by completing scenario missions, which aids in growth and enhances gameplay. The environment and missions are designed to keep players engaged with ever-increasing challenges and rewards.

For more detailed specifications, the game requires a minimum of an Intel i5-3570 or AMD FX-8350 processor, 8GB RAM, and a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 570 graphics card. The game also requires 30 GB of available disk space on a Windows 10 x64 OS.

For recommended performance, an Intel i7-7700K or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X processor, 16GB RAM, and a higher-grade GPU like the ones mentioned earlier are suggested. This setup ensures smoother gameplay and better graphical fidelity.

Basic System Requirements

To run The First Descendant efficiently, your system should meet certain specifications. The primary considerations are the operating system, processor, memory, and graphics card requirements.

Operating System

The First Descendant requires a 64-bit operating system. Specifically, it supports only Windows 10 x64. This ensures that the game can utilize the full capacity of modern hardware and software advancements. Users with older or 32-bit systems will not be able to install or play the game. The choice of a 64-bit OS improves the game’s performance and stability, making it vital for a smooth gaming experience.


The game demands a minimum of an Intel i5-3570 or an AMD FX-8350 processor. For better performance, the recommended processors are Intel i7-7700K or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X. These processors provide the necessary computational power to handle the game’s complex graphics and mechanics. Users with less powerful CPUs may experience lag or poor performance. It is crucial to match or exceed these specifications to fully enjoy the game’s features.


8 GB of RAM is the minimum requirement for The First Descendant. This is standard for many modern games and ensures that the game can run without frequent slowdowns or crashes. For an optimal experience, having more than the minimum RAM is advisable. This extra memory allows for smoother multitasking and better overall game performance, particularly during high-intensity gameplay or when running other applications simultaneously.


For graphic capability, The First Descendant requires at least a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or an AMD Radeon RX 570 with 4GB of video memory. These graphics cards are considered entry-level for modern gaming and are sufficient to display the game’s visuals competently. To enjoy enhanced visual effects, higher frame rates, and more detailed textures, users should consider investing in a more powerful graphics card. The graphics card is crucial in rendering the game’s high-quality graphics and detailed environments.

For further details, visit the page on The First Descendant System Requirements.

Recommended System Requirements

For optimal performance while playing The First Descendant, it’s important to focus on crucial areas such as the operating system, processor, memory, graphics card, and storage. These components will ensure smoother gameplay and better overall experience.

Operating System Enhancements

The game performs best on Windows 10, 64-bit editions. This OS version is known for its stability and robustness, which is crucial for high-demand gaming. It’s important to keep the system updated with the latest patches and updates from Microsoft to avoid any compatibility issues and to take advantage of performance improvements and bug fixes provided by the new updates.

Advanced Processor Specifications

A more advanced CPU significantly impacts the game’s performance. The recommended processor is the Intel i7 7700K or the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X. These processors provide the necessary computational power to handle the game’s complex physics and AI behaviors. With their impressive multithreading capabilities, they ensure a lag-free experience even in the game’s most demanding scenarios.

Increased Memory Recommendations

When it comes to memory, having more than the minimum can make a major difference in performance. The recommended RAM for The First Descendant is 16 GB. This amount of memory helps the game load faster and reduces stuttering, providing a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay. Adequate RAM also allows for better multitasking, such as running background applications without affecting game performance.

High-End Graphics Recommendations

The graphical experience is immensely enhanced by a high-end GPU. The game recommends the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64. These GPUs are capable of handling high resolutions and complex textures, ensuring that the visuals are crisp and detailed. Higher frame rates and better graphical fidelity can be expected, making the game more immersive.

Storage Solutions

Finally, storage plays a critical role in load times and overall game performance. The game requires at least 50 GB of free disk space for installation. Using an SSD rather than a traditional HDD will greatly improve load times and reduce in-game stuttering caused by slow data retrieval. SSDs are highly recommended for modern gaming setups due to their superior read/write speeds. For detailed requirements, visit The First Descendant system requirements.

Peripheral and Accessory Compatibility

The First Descendant supports a range of peripherals and accessories to enhance gaming. Players can use keyboards, mice, and game controllers for an optimized experience.

Keyboard and Mouse

A standard USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse will work seamlessly. This combination is ideal for precise control in the game’s expansive world.

Game Controllers

Players preferring console-style controls can use popular options like:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller
  • PlayStation DualShock 4
  • Steam Controller

These controllers connect via USB or Bluetooth and are fully recognized.


For an immersive audio experience, headphones or headsets are recommended. The game supports:

  • Stereo and surround sound headphones
  • USB and 3.5mm jack connectivity

Noise-canceling headsets can further enhance gameplay by reducing ambient noise.


While the game runs on standard monitors, high refresh rate monitors (120Hz or 144Hz) can display smoother visuals, particularly beneficial in fast-paced combat sections.

Accessory Compatibility
Keyboard USB, Bluetooth
Mouse USB, Bluetooth
Game Controllers Xbox, PlayStation, Steam
Headphones & Headsets USB, 3.5mm Jack
Monitors Standard, High Refresh Rate

Other Accessories

Gaming chairs and mouse pads are optional peripherals that can add comfort and precision to gaming sessions, making prolonged play more enjoyable.

For further details on the game’s compatibility with various peripherals, refer to The First Descendant’s official support page.

Network Requirements

To enjoy an optimal gaming experience with “The First Descendant,” players need to meet specific network requirements. These include a stable internet connection and considerations around network bandwidth and latency to minimize interruptions and ensure smooth gameplay.

Internet Connection

broadband internet connection is essential for playing “The First Descendant.” Broadband connections are preferable due to their high speed and reliability, which are crucial for online multiplayer games. DSL, cable, or fiber-optic connections are recommended over dial-up or satellite internet, which can be slower and more prone to disruptions.

In addition to speed, stability is vital. Unexpected connection drops or fluctuations can lead to game disconnections or lag, disrupting the gameplay experience.

It’s advisable to use a wired Ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi when possible, as Ethernet provides a more stable and faster connection.

Network Bandwidth and Latency

The game requires a certain amount of network bandwidth to function smoothly. For “The First Descendant,” a minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps and download speed of 3 Mbps is generally recommended. Higher speeds, such as 5 Mbps upload and 10 Mbps download, can further enhance the gaming experience, particularly for 4-player co-op modes which demand more data transfer.

Latency, or ping, is equally important. A lower ping, ideally below 50 milliseconds (ms), ensures minimal delay between player input and server response, essential for real-time gameplay. Players should aim for latency under 100 ms to avoid noticeable lag. Using local servers and minimizing background network activity can help achieve better latency.

Incorporating these network requirements will help ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience with “The First Descendant.”

Installation and Setup

To install The First Descendant, start by ensuring your PC meets the necessary system requirements. This action RPG shooter can be downloaded via Steam.

Firstly, launch the Steam client. If it is not installed yet, download it from the official website. Create or log into your Steam account, and search for “The First Descendant.”

Once located, click on the “Install” button. This will begin the download process. Ensure you have at least 30 GB of free disk space available to accommodate the game files.

After the download completes, Steam will automatically initiate the installation process. You can track the progress within your Steam Library. Once installed, the game will be ready to play from the Library section.

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10 x64
  • CPU: Intel i5-3570 / AMD FX-8350 (Minimum)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 570 with 4GB VRAM
  • Storage: 30 GB free space

Following these steps ensures that The First Descendant is set up properly, offering an optimized gaming experience. For additional support, refer to the PC Game Benchmark guide.

Software Dependencies and Frameworks

To run The First Descendant smoothly, certain software requirements must be met. Key aspects include the required DirectX version and additional runtime libraries necessary for the proper functioning of the game.

DirectX Version

The First Descendant requires DirectX 12 for optimal performance. This version provides enhanced graphics quality and improved system efficiency. DirectX 12 is known for better CPU utilization and lower overhead, which translates to smoother gameplay and improved rendering. Users should ensure their system is updated to the latest DirectX 12 version to fully leverage the game’s graphical potential.

Having DirectX 12 also means support for advanced graphical features such as ray tracing, which enhances the visual fidelity of the game. It is essential for any gamer looking to get the most out of their hardware and achieve the best in-game experience.

Additional Runtime Libraries

In addition to DirectX 12, The First Descendant depends on several runtime libraries for smooth operation. One crucial component is the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, particularly the 2015-2019 versions. These libraries ensure that the game can execute essential functions and prevent missing .dll errors.

The .NET Framework 4.8 is another significant requirement, providing necessary APIs and services for proper game operation. This framework aids in handling various backend tasks and ensures the game runs without hiccups.

Ensuring these runtime libraries are installed and up to date can help mitigate performance issues and launch problems, providing a seamless gaming experience.

Security Considerations

When playing “The First Descendant,” ensuring optimal security for your system is essential. This involves configuring both antivirus software and firewall settings to protect against potential threats without impairing the gameplay experience.

Anti-Virus Compatibility

For seamless gameplay, it is necessary to ensure that your antivirus software does not interfere with “The First Descendant”. Modern antivirus programs, such as Norton, McAfee, or Avira, offer game-specific modes or exceptions.

Set up your antivirus to exclude game directories from real-time scanning. This can significantly reduce lag or interruptions caused by background scans. Providing these exceptions can be done via the antivirus settings menu, typically found under options like “Virus & Threat Protection” or “Exclusions”.

By configuring these exceptions, you maintain robust antivirus protection without affecting your gaming experience.

Firewall Settings

Correctly configuring your firewall is crucial for smooth online play in “The First Descendant”. Firewalls such as Windows Defender Firewall or third-party options like ZoneAlarm can block necessary game communications if settings aren’t adjusted.

To ensure uninterrupted gameplay, add “The First Descendant” to your firewall’s list of allowed applications. This process typically involves navigating to the firewall settings menu, selecting “Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall,” and adding the game’s executable file.

Configuring firewall exceptions helps maintain network security while allowing essential game traffic, ensuring a balanced approach to cybersecurity and gaming performance.

Support and Documentation

Players of The First Descendant can access comprehensive support and documentation to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Official Support Page: For detailed FAQs and help articles, visit The First Descendant support page. This page covers various aspects like troubleshooting, installation guides, and gameplay tips.

Community Forums: Engaging with other players can provide community-driven support. The game has active forums where players share their experiences, resolve issues, and discuss updates.

System Requirements:

  • Minimum:
    • CPU: Intel i5-3570 / AMD FX-8350
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Video Card: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 570
  • Recommended:
    • CPU: Intel i7-7700K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
    • RAM: 16 GB
    • Video Card: GeForce RTX 2060 / AMD Radeon RX 5600XT

In-Game Help: The game includes an in-game help feature, which offers quick tips and contextual assistance during gameplay. This feature can be activated through the game’s menu.

Patch Notes and Updates: Regular updates and patch notes are published, detailing bug fixes, new features, and improvements. These can be found on the Steam page for The First Descendant.

Customer Support: Technical and customer support is available through the official support page. For direct assistance, players can submit tickets to receive personalized help from the support team.

Top-tier documentation and ongoing support are essential for delivering a great user experience and keeping the player base engaged.

Updates and Patches

The latest maintenance-free patch for The First Descendant was implemented on July 2, 2024. This patch addressed several critical issues to improve gameplay experience.

Key Patch Details:

  • Schedule: July 2, 2024, at 21:00 PDT
  • Issue Fixed: Boost effects occasionally becoming disabled during area transfer

Regular updates ensure that the game remains stable and bug-free. Players are often informed about patches through official announcements.

Future Updates:

Developers frequently release patches that focus on various aspects of the game. These updates may include:

  • Bug Fixes: Addressing technical issues reported by players
  • Performance Enhancements: Improving game stability and speed
  • New Content: Introducing new features, characters, and missions

For comprehensive details on The First Descendant patches, players can visit the official game site.

Keeping the game updated ensures players have the best possible gaming experience.

Troubleshooting and Common Issues

DirectX 12 Not Supported Error

If you encounter the ‘DirectX 12 not supported’ error, there are a few fixes to try. First, ensure your graphics card supports DirectX 12. Next, update your GPU drivers. Launch Steam, open your Library, find The First Descendant, and select the gear icon for the Settings menu. Under Properties, click the Installed Files tab and verify the game files’ integrity.

Stuttering Issues

Stuttering can disrupt gameplay. To fix this, verify the integrity of game files on Steam. Open Steam, select the Library tab, right-click The First Descendant, and choose Properties. Navigate to the Installed Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Files. This process may resolve stuttering by repairing corrupted files.

Crashing Errors

Frequent crashes can be frustrating. Similar to the stuttering fix, verifying the integrity of game files might help. Right-click on The First Descendant in Steam, select Properties, and go to the Installed Files tab. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files to identify and fix problematic files.

Known Issues and Bugs

Players have reported various bugs, which the developers are currently addressing. Some known issues include performance drops on PCs below minimum requirements. Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements to minimize such problems. Use the provided guide to adjust settings for optimal performance.