The First Descendant Roadmap Revealed

The game “First Descendant” has quickly garnered attention with its recent launch, and the development team at Nexon is... Pablo | 10. July 2024

The game “First Descendant” has quickly garnered attention with its recent launch, and the development team at Nexon is already gearing up to expand the experience significantly. With detailed plans laid out in a recent developer chat, players can look forward to a range of new content that promises to enhance and deepen the gameplay.

Upcoming additions include a new character named Colossus, along with fresh episodes and challenging dungeons. This roadmap sets the stage for an exciting year ahead, filled with new adventures and opportunities for players to explore within the game.

The First Descendant Roadmap – August and December Updates

The updated roadmap highlights pre-season changes arriving at the beginning of August and outlines the structure for seasonal content. Anticipate fresh gameplay elements and improvements. Upcoming in December, players can look forward to more extensive updates enhancing the game experience further.

New Descendant Luna, Colossus Gluttony in First Descendant Roadmap

The First Descendant’s early-August update introduces exciting new content. Headlining the update is Luna, a music-themed character, who will be the 15th Descendant in the game. Luna’s launch is set for August 1, 2024.

In addition, Valby receives an ultimate treatment. Ultimates are powerful versions of characters with a unique armored-aesthetic skin. Valby’s ultimate version becomes the sixth in the game.

Players will also have a new challenge with the arrival of the Colossus Gluttony. This new foe opens up a Void Intercept battle, adding to the game’s depth and excitement.

An unnamed Ultimate Weapon is also set to be introduced, providing players with new tools to combat the latest threats.

This update marks the first step in the game’s seasonal content rollout, laying a solid foundation for future additions.

Two Seasons Detailed in First Descendant Roadmap

Season 1 Episode: Incursion – End of August

First Descendant will roll out its initial season, Episode: Incursion, towards the end of August as part of its outlined roadmap. This season will unfold in three separate updates, each packed with distinct enhancements. Players can expect the introduction of Descendant number 16, new Colossus content, an additional Dungeon, fresh Weapons, and unique Skins. The season is also set to include a brand new Ultimate Descendant. Season progression and Field Completion are heavily emphasized, promising an engaging and challenging experience that will span until the launch of Season 2 in December.

Season 2 Episode: Forebearer – Early December

In early December, as part of the lead-up to the holiday season, Episode: Forebearer will make its debut. This second season will extend into 2025, ensuring a captivating continuation of content. The main attraction for this season will be the unveiling of a new Mega Dungeon, alongside the utility-focused Companion feature. Consistently with previous updates, there will be the addition of Descendant number 17, an additional Ultimate Descendant, new Dungeon Skins, and a variety of Weapons. Players will have ample reason to stay engaged throughout the season’s progression.