The First Descendant Gameplay

The First Descendant, a next-generation third-person cooperative action RPG, offers players an exhilarating gaming experience on consoles like the... Pablo | 10. July 2024

The First Descendant, a next-generation third-person cooperative action RPG, offers players an exhilarating gaming experience on consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. This game features high-quality graphics and dynamic gameplay that are sure to captivate fans of the genre. The core of the excitement lies in its strategic boss fights and cooperative gameplay, which require players to team up and use unique character abilities to succeed.

With various unique characters and extensive customization options, players can engage in gunplay and looting to enhance their in-game arsenal. The developers have created a visually stunning and immersive world, making it a must-play for those who enjoy action-packed RPGs. Players can jump into challenging dungeons, test their skills, and experience the game’s intricate mechanics.

For those curious about diving into the game’s action, The First Descendant is available for free and includes features such as crossplay beta, ensuring a broader and more connected player base. The gameplay walkthroughs and extended looks, such as the PS5 gameplay and Xbox gameplay, provide an excellent preview of what to expect, showcasing the visually rich and engaging environments.

Game Overview

“The First Descendant” is a thrilling third-person cooperative action RPG shooter, combining rich storytelling with high-quality graphics. Players will engage in strategic gameplay, uncover secrets, and utilize powerful abilities.

Story and Setting

Set in a world facing an existential threat, “The First Descendant” immerses players in a deeply crafted narrative. Humanity’s last hope lies with the Descendants, individuals endowed with extraordinary powers. The game’s lore is rich with ancient secrets and faction conflicts, adding significant depth to the experience.

Players explore a range of diverse environments, from devastated cities to mysterious, uncharted lands. The dystopian atmosphere is palpable, with detailed artistic design that accentuates the urgency of the fight for survival. Each location offers unique challenges and visual storytelling elements that enhance the sense of immersion.

Gameplay Mechanics

“The First Descendant” focuses on cooperative gameplay, allowing players to team up and tackle various missions. It offers a mix of story-driven missions and cooperative world missions, including intense scenario missions that challenge players’ strategic planning and combat skills.

Key gameplay elements include a robust looting system and extensive customization options. Players can upgrade their abilities and equipment to suit their playstyle. The combat mechanics are fluid and responsive, incorporating both range and melee attacks. Engaging in heated battles, players make use of tactical abilities and strategic positioning to overcome formidable enemies.

Players will appreciate the seamless integration of cooperative and solo play, ensuring that the experience remains engaging regardless of how it is approached. The high-quality graphics and fluid gameplay mechanics significantly enhance the overall experience.

Character Customization

Character customization in “The First Descendant” offers a comprehensive suite of options from initial character creation to detailed skill trees and abilities.

Character Creation

Players can create and personalize their characters with a variety of appearance options and outfits. The game includes a wide range of cosmetic choices, from different facial structures and hairstyles to unique outfits and color palettes. Customization extends to weapon skins, enabling further personalization. These options allow players to tailor their avatars to fit their preferred aesthetics. The flexibility in character creation ensures a unique experience for each player, encouraging a personalized connection with their in-game avatar. For more details, check out The First Descendant – NEW Character Customization + Gameplay.

Skill Trees and Abilities

In “The First Descendant,” each character has a unique set of abilities and skill trees that significantly impact gameplay. Players can invest points in different skills to enhance their characters’ combat efficiency. The skill trees are designed to allow for various playstyles, whether a player prefers offensive, defensive, or support roles. Abilities can be customized to suit specific strategies, making each descendant versatile in their approach. Detailed coverage of each character’s skills and abilities can be found in Every Playable Character in The First Descendant with Gameplay.

Combat System

The combat in The First Descendant is fluid and fast-paced, integrating shooting and melee elements. Players can switch attack styles depending on the situation, enhancing the dynamics of battles.

Weapon Types

The First Descendant offers a diverse range of weapon types, each catering to different combat scenarios. Players can wield riflesshotguns, and pistols for long-range engagements. For close-quarters, melee weapons like swords and axes are available. Energy-based weapons add a sci-fi twist, featuring plasma rifles and laser cannons.

These options allow for personalized playstyles. Customization through mods and upgrades furthers this, enhancing damage, accuracy, and special abilities. Understanding weapon strengths and weaknesses is crucial for mastering combat.

Enemy Types and AI

Enemies in The First Descendant include various factions like mechanized unitsmutants, and hostile soldiers. Each enemy type has unique abilities and attack patterns. Mechanized units often feature heavy armor and advanced weaponry, while mutants rely on brute strength and speed.

The AI is designed to adapt to player tactics, providing a challenging experience. Enemies use cover, flank positions, and coordinate attacks. This requires players to be constantly alert and strategic in their approach. The diversity in enemy behavior ensures that combat remains engaging and unpredictable.

For more information about gameplay, consider watching this 19 Minutes of The First Descendant Gameplay.

Exploration and Environment

The world in The First Descendant features immersive landscapes and diverse terrains that invite deep exploration. Players can embark on various quests and missions throughout the richly designed environment.

Open World Design

The First Descendant boasts a vivid open world where players can uncover detailed environments. There’s a mix of natural and urban landscapes, offering forests, mountains, and abandoned cities to explore. The world features dynamic weather systems and a day-night cycle that impacts gameplay, adding layers of strategy.

Players will need to navigate through different terrains, hopping from lush green valleys to desolate wastelands, each with its unique set of challenges. Interaction with the environment is significant, as it can influence combat scenarios and strategic planning.

Quests and Missions

Quests and missions in The First Descendant are designed to keep players engaged with a diverse range of activities. Players can engage in cooperative missions that require teamwork to overcome tough opponents. There are story-driven quests that deepen the game’s lore, providing context and background to the player’s journey.

Additionally, the game includes side missions and dynamic events that can be encountered while exploring. These missions often involve battling enemy factions, collecting rare items, or solving puzzles, ensuring a continuous sense of adventure and discovery for the players.

By incorporating these elements, the game keeps its environment and exploration compelling, offering players reasons to keep delving into its vast, intricate world. For more details, you can check out this 19 Minutes of The First Descendant Gameplay and see the environments firsthand.

Multiplayer Elements

The First Descendant offers a rich multiplayer experience, designed for both cooperative and competitive players. It allows players to team up against challenging bosses or test their skills in various competitive modes.

Cooperative Gameplay

In The First Descendant, cooperative gameplay is a core feature. Players can join forces in teams of up to four to tackle missions and defeat massive bosses. This third-person RPG action game supports multiplayer and co-op modes, enhancing the gaming experience through teamwork. Missions are designed to be engaging whether played in solo or co-op mode, ensuring that players can enjoy the game with friends or alone.

This cooperative element is crucial for complex missions that require players to collaborate and strategize. The game mechanics support synchronized attacks and skill combinations, making it essential to work together. Multiplayer gameplay has been praised for its smooth and rewarding experience, making the title stand out in the multiplayer genre.

Competitive Modes

The First Descendant also includes competitive modes that add a layer of excitement for players who enjoy PvP battles. These modes allow players to compete against each other in various challenges, testing their skills and strategies in a competitive setting. The game ensures balanced matchmaking, providing a fair and thrilling competitive environment.

In competitive modes, players can face off in different arenas and modes, each offering unique challenges. This aspect of the game keeps the player base engaged by providing a diverse range of activities beyond cooperative missions. Competitive play rewards skill and tactical thinking, making it a key draw for those who thrive on competition.

Details regarding the specific competitive modes and arenas are available from gameplay previews shown during industry events, as captured in this exclusive gameplay clip from IGN.

Graphics and Audio

“The First Descendant” impresses players with its detailed visuals and immersive audio. This section focuses on the display quality of the game and its soundscape.

Visual Fidelity

The game shines with its high-quality graphics, especially on platforms like PS5 and high-end PCs. Players experience the action in 4K resolution at 60 FPS, enhancing the realism and fluidity of the gameplay. Particularly noteworthy are the detailed textures and advanced shader quality that bring environments and characters to life.

For those playing on PC, optimizing settings can make a significant difference. Adjusting options such as texture quality, visibility, and object quality enhances visual appeal without a substantial hit on performance. You can find more detailed optimization tips at Optimal PC And Console Settings.

Progression System

The progression system in The First Descendant features a well-crafted leveling mechanism and a rich loot and rewards structure, encouraging players to engage deeply with the game.

Leveling and Experience

Players advance in The First Descendant by gaining experience points (XP) through a variety of activities such as completing missions, defeating enemies, and participating in special events. XP accumulation leads to leveling up, which enhances a character’s attributes like health, strength, and agility.

Leveling also unlocks new abilities and skill upgrades, providing players with more strategic options in combat scenarios. The game offers both solo and co-op modes, allowing players to team up and share XP gains, making it easier to progress through tougher challenges.

XP can be earned in several ways including daily quests, story-driven missions, and world events. Efficient XP farming typically involves targeting high-reward tasks and regularly participating in cooperative missions with other players.

Loot and Rewards

Looting in The First Descendant is multifaceted, with players able to find and collect various equipment, weapons, and rare items. The game utilizes a tiered loot system where items range from common to legendary, each offering different levels of power and unique abilities.

Rewards are not limited to loot; players also earn in-game currency, crafting materials, and special items upon the completion of high-difficulty challenges. Events and missions are designed to drop specific types of loot, encouraging players to repeat content to obtain sought-after gear.

Cross-progression allows players to maintain their loot and rewards across different platforms by using the same Nexon account. This feature ensures that progress is never lost, providing a seamless experience for those who play on multiple devices. For more details, refer to the Cross Progression Guide.


Replayability in “The First Descendant” revolves around rich endgame content and regular updates that keep the gameplay experience fresh and engaging for players.

Endgame Content

“The First Descendant” offers a variety of endgame content designed to keep players invested long after the main storyline is completed. High-difficulty dungeons and advanced raids challenge players to refine their skills and strategy.

Loot rewards from these activities include high-tier equipment and rare items, encouraging repeated playthroughs. Players can also experiment with different character builds and cooperative team compositions to tackle these challenges, providing multiple avenues for engaging gameplay.

Updates and Expansions

Frequent updates and expansions are key components that enhance the replayability of “The First Descendant”. Developers regularly introduce new content such as weapons, gear, and story arcs to keep the game dynamic. Seasonal events and limited-time missions also provide unique rewards and experiences.

Balancing patches and quality-of-life improvements based on community feedback ensures that the game evolves, addressing player concerns and preferences. This ongoing support helps maintain interest and provides reasons for players to return to the game regularly.