The community is happy with VCT Masters Tokyo trophy design

The VALORANT community has received the new design of the VCT Masters Tokyo trophy very well from both professional... Maria | 24. May 2023

The VALORANT community has received the new design of the VCT Masters Tokyo trophy very well from both professional and amateur players.

New trophy design for VCT Masters Tokyo

Two days ago, Riot Games revealed the trophy’s new design that VALORANT teams will fight for in Tokyo. Riot Games has gone for an unconventional trophy design, which has had an excellent response from the entire VALORANT community.

The amazingly bizarre trophy design has pleased both professional and amateur gamers alike. Riot Games’ risky design has managed to win over thousands of people.

Amazing trophy design for the VCT Masters in Tokyo

VALORANT fans have been impressed, seeing Riot Games’ post on the VALORANT Champions Tour Twitter account. Since then, some fans have commented that the trophy resembles or is related to Agent KAY/O’s leg. While other fans are commenting that it has a resemblance to Agent Yoru’s mask.

On the other hand, one user commented that the design strongly resembles a prosthetic leg. Despite all the assumptions on social media, Riot Games has not come out to confirm or deny the claims of VALORANT fans.

Most fans have commented with positive opinions about the new trophy design. However, some users have taken the opportunity to strongly criticize the trophy’s design awarded at the Major in Paris. Thus adding fuel to the fire of the never-ending conflict between CS:GO and VALORANT, which started when Riot launched its shooter in 2020.

On the other hand, it can be said that of all the trophies designed by Riot for VALORANT tournaments since the game’s inception, the Tokyo Masters trophy has the most cutting-edge design. Some game fans want even more for their team to win in Tokyo so they can take home a very nice trophy.

Community feedback on the Tokyo Master’s trophy design

Hundreds of people have commented on how they liked the new trophy design. Team Levitan has commented that this trophy is a dream.

On the other hand, NaVi commented that Yoru’s mask was designed for them.

Cloud9’s VALORANT team has been a bit funnier in their commentary and asks Riot to give KAY/O’s leg back.

About VCT Masters Tokyo

The VCT Masters Tokyo is the second international competition in 2023. This tournament will take place from June 11 to June 25, where will participate:

  • Four teams from VCT EMEA
  • Three teams from VCT Americas
  • DRX
  • Paper Rex
  • T1
  • Attacking Soul Esports
  • EDward Gaming

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