Team Undying Is The Winner of BTS Pro Series Season 7 Americas

After a hard-fought battle in the Grand Final of BTS Pro Series Season 7: Americas, Undying has managed to... Radu M. | 24. August 2021

After a hard-fought battle in the Grand Final of BTS Pro Series Season 7: Americas, Undying has managed to claim the title and confirm its superior gaming prowess relative to the other competitors in the region. There’s one caveat though: neither Evil Geniuses nor Quincy Crew took part in the event. So Undying is likely to continue to be the 3rd best team in the region.

BTS Pro Series Season 7: Americas Results

BTS Pro Series Season 7: Americas was the counterpart of the SEA event with the same name. In Southeast Asia, the winner was Galaxy Racer, an underdog that proved to be, at least for the time being, stronger than Fnatic, SMG, and T1, the 3 giants in the region.

In the Americas, the competition featured 8 teams. Most of them are well-known and although they may not be the strongest in NA and SA, they are still strong enough to make the result relevant. Two of them, beastcoast and Undying, are TI 10 participants. Because of that, a lot of people had hoped to see a clash between the two in the Grand Final. However, that did not happen.

While Undying played exactly as expected, beastcoast underperformed and ended the Group Stage without a single victory. Its record was 0 W – 5 D – 2 L and its position in the tournament was 7th after the Group Stage. In the Playoffs, beastcoast lost its first match and got eliminated from the competition. This meant that Undying had no real opponent and would need to make a lot of errors to lose the race.

Undying’s Group Stage performance was great: 4 W – 3 D – 0 L. With 11 points out of 14, Timado and his crew won the round-robin and advanced to the Upper Bracket. Here, they encountered Hokori in the first match and won with ease. In the second match, against 4 Zoomers, the battle was much harder but it still ended in just 2 games.

Grand Final

The first big challenge for Undying came in the Grand Final. Their opponent was NoPing e-sports, a South American team with a great roster. And the match almost ended in just 3 games. NoPing won the first 2 games with some very original drafts and rarely picked heroes. But Undying, being a great team, figured out a way to beat them in the next 3 games. This was a huge comeback and it probably gave the entire squad a confidence boost ahead of TI 10.


Photo credit: Valve