Team Spirit Win BLAST Premier Spring Final

BLAST Premier Spring Final was a fantastic CS2 tournament with lots of great teams and a clear winner. Team... Radu M. | 16. June 2024

BLAST Premier Spring Final was a fantastic CS2 tournament with lots of great teams and a clear winner. Team Spirit entered the race as one of the favorites even though they hadn’t won anything since IEM Katowice.

Donk was in great shape throughout the entire competition and was awarded the MVP title after the Grand Final against Natus Vincere.

Team Spirit’s Road To The Trophy

Team Spirit started BLAST Premier Spring Final in group B, which featured three other formidable participants: Team Vitality, G2 Esports, and Virtus.pro.

Vitality and G2 had played in the Grand Final of IEM Dallas and the first of them had defeated Spirit in the last three months, which is why they were viewed as favorites. The team that was supposed to get eliminated was VP. But they proved to be much stronger than anticipated.

Spirit didn’t care about any of this. They did struggle on the first map against G2 and on the second map against Virtus.pro, but in the end they won both of their matches and advanced to the semifinals.

There, they finally encountered Team Vitality, who had defeated them at IEM Dallas. This time, however, Spirit were just a bit stronger. The score was 2 – 1: 11 – 13 on Mirage, 13 – 9 on Dust II, and 13 – 9 again on Anubis.

Donk and sh1ro were exceptionally good in this match. Both of them finished with 50+ kills. Donk had more kills while sh1ro had far fewer deaths. His play style is less risky, so he tends to survive a bit more often.

In the Grand Final, Spirit encountered Natus Vincere, who proved to be just as strong as Vitality. But donk played too well to be stopped. His individual score was 73 – 57, by far the best on the server. The map scores were 13 – 9 on Ancient, 13 – 9 on Dust II, 4 – 13 on Mirage, and 13 – 6 on Nuke.

B1t was hard to recognize in this match. His 38 – 59 score doesn’t match at all his usual stats. Spirit perfectly read and isolated him.

Both of these teams had a lot to prove ahead of BLAST Premier Spring Final, so they will likely be happy with their results. Despite losing the Grand Final, Na’Vi still made a lot of progress since April.

After winning the Copenhagen Major, they failed quite badly at ESL Pro League S19 and IEM Dallas. This 2nd place is a huge step in the right direction.

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