Team Liquid Reach CCT Grand Finals; Cadian Gets Sweet Revenge

The Danish in-game leader defeated the two players who betrayed him, allowing Team Liquid to play for its first... Owen | 22. May 2024

The Danish in-game leader defeated the two players who betrayed him, allowing Team Liquid to play for its first title since the formation of the new roster.

Team Liquid is currently participating in the online CCT Global Finals 2024 tournament, which features a $500,000 prize pool. In the Playoffs stage, the boys in blue were tasked with facing the tournament favorites, Astralis.

The Danish organization is fielding two familiar faces, stavn and jabbi, who allegedly backstabbed cadiaN, robbing him off his place on Heroic and joining Astralis at the same time. Despite the years the trio spent together as teammates, they parted ways in the worst way possible. Alas, the Semi-Final match between Team Liquid and Astralis was played, and the underdogs pulled the rug out and stole the series. 

Viewers were immediately treated to an exciting first map, Inferno, which was Team Liquid’s map pick. Astralis quickly took the lead on their defensive campaign, winning the first half 8-4 after impactful performances from the trio, device, stavn, and jabbi. 

However, the two Canadian players in Team Liquid, Twistzz and NAF, matched the enemy team’s performances to make the game competitive. Twistzz found an Ace when Liquid was down 11-8 to carry the team into overtime. 

Overtime was a back-and-forth affair between both teams. The first set ended 3-3, requiring a second set to be played. However, Team Liquid posted a flawless CT-side in the second overtime to win the map 19-17. 

The next map was Nuke, the pick of Astralis. Team Liquid managed to barely win the first half after Twistzz translated his impeccable performance on Inferno to the second map, going 15-4 on the Counter-Terrorist side. 

However, Team Liquid turned off their monitors for the second half, and were blown out to lose the series 10-13. YEKINDAR and cadiaN could only find four total kills combined in the second half, while NAF and Twistzz tried their best with 1.59 and 1.40 ratings, respectively.

As a result, Dust II was required to decide the winner of the match. The two Canadians really woke up on the right side of the bed as they continued playing out of their minds on the decisive map. Team Liquid demolished the first half, ending it 9-3 in their favor. Astralis could not improve in the second, losing four rounds in a row to end the map 13-3 in favor of the North American squad. 

Twistzz was by far the best player on the server, going 75-43 across three maps and averaging a rating of 1.55. NAF was trailing behind him with a 1.34 rating.

Although it was cadiaN’s revenge map, the AWPer was the lowest-rated player on the server with a 0.79 rating. 

Still, the job is not done, as Team Liquid will face Eternal Fire in the Grand Final of the CCT Global Finals. The winner will take home $250,000, which is a substantial amount of money for an online tournament. 

Header: Team Liquid CS