Team Liquid adds SKillous to their StarCraft roster

In the last few hours, Team Liquid has announced the official signing of Nikita “SKillous” Gurevich to its starting... Eduardo | 8. January 2023

In the last few hours, Team Liquid has announced the official signing of Nikita “SKillous” Gurevich to its starting lineup for Starcraft II, the hit strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment.

Problems for SKillous in returning to his country

In a video we watched days ago, SKillous spoke out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, so he assured us that he would have many problems returning to his country, Russia, after these statements.

SKillous had the same initiative as many other esports professionals. And is that the player refused to be represented by the Russian flag on the Liquipedia portal and currently plays under the banner “Countryless.”

Thanks to this, Team Liquid decided to open the doors for SKillous in the Netherlands. In addition, his extraordinary personality and excellent gaming skills made him well-suited for a place in the Starcraft II lineup.

According to posts made by Team Liquid on Twitter, the signing of SKillous to their organization was:

“The first official esports visa issued by the Netherlands.”

About SKillous

Nikita “SKillous” Gurevich is a Russian-born player who, as mentioned, decided not to play on his country’s behalf due to the Ukraine invasion, aged only 21.

Despite being a very young professional player, SKillous has been in the competitive Starcraft II scene since 2013. He has belonged to many teams throughout his career.

While he is not a player who has won many exciting cash prizes in his career, he has won many champion trophies, especially in the last three years.

Although he won most of the tournaments, he played in 2022. The most significant achievement in recent seasons is the victory in the Championship of Russia 2021. The tournament in which he played with Cascade Esports, beating Couguar in the grand final with a crushing 3-0.

Great move by Team Liquid

There is no doubt that this is an excellent move by Team Liquid, as it is an example of the actual impact esports can have.

This organization transformed a terrible situation, such as the war in Ukraine, into meaningful relationships. Furthermore, this allowed SKillous to volunteer for Ukrainians in the Netherlands.

SKillous has shown tremendous talent over the past few years, with a consistency that we rarely see from professional players in esports.

Undoubtedly, this could serve as a great stepping stone for other organizations to support all players similarly. There is no doubt that esports and video games are very entertaining. But they are also great unifiers, just like any traditional sport.

Starcraft II has lost relevance

As we know, Starcraft II is a game that has been around for many years, but the number of players has decreased over time. But its place in esports is pretty sturdy, as there are still regular tournaments and plenty of fans.