Team Falcons Are Close To Winning Their First CS2 Trophy

Team Falcons started their new CS2 project with the signing of zonic from Team Vitality. As a coach, he... Radu M. | 16. June 2024

Team Falcons started their new CS2 project with the signing of zonic from Team Vitality. As a coach, he is easily the most accomplished man in the game, having won half a dozen Majors and numerous other S-tier tournaments.

Zonic’s signing was followed by other important transfers. At the moment, the complete Falcons roster consists of dupreeh, SunPayus, maden, Magisk, and Snappi. This means that four of the six members are Danish and three of them are former Astralis and Vitality teammates, which should give zonic everything he needs to turn Falcons into a Major champion.

In the first six months of the project, however, progress was slow. The best results came at IEM Katowice (3rd – 4th) and BetBoom Dacha Belgrade (3rd – 4th). Falcons failed to qualify for the Copenhagen Major and Esports World Cup 2024. They also had poor results at ESL Pro League S19 (21st – 28th) and IEM Dallas (9th – 12th).

But now they’re close to winning ESL Challenger at DreamHack Summer 2024. They finished group A in 2nd place and have a good chance of winning their match against ENCE. If they succeed, their Grand Final opponent will be Complexity.

Team Falcons’ Matches At ESL Challenger

Falcons started the tournament with a defeat against Aurora. This is a team they never should have lost to, but they somehow did. The score was 16 – 14 on Nuke. Dupreeh had a huge contribution, ending with a record of 29 – 23.

Falcons played the first elimination match against Party Astronauts. They won 4 – 13 on Anubis but struggled on Nuke, which ended with a score of 20 – 22. Once again, dupreeh was highly impactful and his score was 57 – 34.

In the decider match, Falcons needed to beat The MongolZ, who were the winners of YaLLa Compass just one week ago. This victory makes Falcons’ chances of winning the competition look a lot more promising.

The battle between zonic and gla1ve in the semifinals of this ESL Challenger event should be fun to watch. If zonic’s team wins, Complexity will be the final hurdle to securing the first important trophy for Team Falcons.

This esports organization has already conquered Dota 2 and currently has the best roster in the world in that game. However, CS2 has proven to be a much harder challenge because there are a lot of powerful competitors in this space.

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