Eduardo | 25. January 2023

Team Deathmatch mode coming to VALORANT, according to Riot Games

Riot Games has been tasked with indulging their community’s every whim in any of the titles they currently have. This is especially the case in League of Legends, where we have witnessed some screw-ups by the developers that have left fans completely unsatisfied.

On the other hand, in VALORANT, we have that Riot has been in charge of updating many things weekly to improve the gaming experience. From bug fixes, maps, or agent updates. There are always updates constantly.

In the last few hours, we have learned from a reliable source that Riot Games plans to implement a new game mode for VALORANT at the end of the year. So let’s see what it is about.

New game mode announced by Riot Games

In the latest YouTube video of the 2023 dev diaries, VALORANT executive producer Anna Donlon announced that the Team Deathmatch game mode would soon be coming to Riot Games’ tactical shooter.

Unfortunately, the video does not give any details about the game mode or any other relevant information, but we can predict what it will be like.

The Team Deathmatch game mode revolves around several teams facing each other to achieve the highest number of kills in a game. This game mode is very common in the Call of Duty franchise, being one of the most played in the history of this video game.

Apart from scoring kills in a Team Deathmatch game, there is usually no other objective in this game mode. Therefore, the spike would not be planted, as it is currently in most VALORANT game modes.

Anna Donlon said:

“We’ll see you soon. Maybe playing with a new agent or a new map. At the premiere or at a live event. Maybe trying out one of those new modes Andy was talking about, like Swiftplay or the one I’m most excited about: our version of Team Deathmatch.” Andy didn’t talk about Team Deathmatch…”.

Riot’s devs’ diaries

Riot Games uses development dev’s diaries to give fans and players a preview of what might be coming to VALORANT soon. The Deathmatch game mode was one of the many updates announced in these YouTube videos. In addition, these videos usually unveil upcoming game features coming soon. For example, the new agents and the well-known Swiftplay mode which is still in beta testing.

Let’s remember that Deathmatch mode was also popularized by other titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, or Doom. The latter is pointed out as the origin of the Deathmatch game mode.

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