T1 Win Esports World Cup’s LoL Competition

Despite the defeats they suffered in LCK Summer 2024, T1 have demonstrated one more time that they’re a formidable... Radu M. | 8. July 2024

Despite the defeats they suffered in LCK Summer 2024, T1 have demonstrated one more time that they’re a formidable LoL team by winning Esports World Cup’s LoL competition.

The event featured eight teams, including some of the best competitors from China, South Korea, Europe, and North America. This makes T1’s victory highly relevant. The way in which they won the Grand Final was also very impressive.

T1’s Path To Glory

T1 started Esports World Cup 2024 with a match against Bilibili Gaming. This Chinese team placed 3rd – 4th at Worlds 2023, won Demacia Cup in January this year, won LPL Spring, and played in the Grand Final of MSI 2024, finishing 2nd after a 1 – 3 defeat against Gen.G Esports.

These results clearly showcase Bilibili’s strength. Ahead of the match, because of T1’s recent failures in the LCK, a lot of people were highly skeptical of their ability to win. But One, Faker, and Gumayusi were in such great shape in games one and three that T1 ended up beating Bilibili without too many problems.

The champions they picked for these games were Sejuani, Corki, Kaisa (in game one), Zyra, Tristana, and Jhin (in game 2).

After this victory, T1 encountered a much weaker opponent. But despite the presumed strength difference, Team Liquid actually won game one of the semifinals after 40 minutes of battle. For many, this game looked over at the 12-minute mark, when Liquid had a 1000+ gold lead and a champion composition that looked much stronger than T1’s.

Thanks to the South Korean’s prowess, the game continued for much longer. But Liquid’s advantage grew to a point where it was insurmountable, going above 10.000 gold.

In games two and three, T1 completely changed their strategy, picking champions like Braum, Ashe, and Vi. With their new compositions, they had much better chances of winning. In game two, their gold lead was above 2000 at minute seven. In game three, Liquid looked like they were going to win but a series of bad team fights ensured their defeat.

At minute 20, they were in the lead with a 4500 gold advantage. Just six minutes later, they were in a bad position.

After this second victory, T1 had only one opponent left to beat: Top Esports. Against all odds, this team had defeated Gen.G Esports and G2 Esports in the first two rounds. But now they were up against Faker’s team.

After a spectacular outdraft and outplay defeat in game 1, T1 recovered and won three games in a row. Game four, in particular, was very fun to watch because Faker played Yasuo.

For their win, T1 received $400.000 and 1000 EWC points.

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