T1 coach Sky registered as a player

The first phase of the LCK Spring is ending, which doesn’t mean that teams have to be satisfied with... Eduardo | 15. February 2023

The first phase of the LCK Spring is ending, which doesn’t mean that teams have to be satisfied with what they have achieved. One of the most important organizations of the LCK, T1, has announced a new movement in its lineup.

One of their coaches, Kim “Sky” Ha-Neul, will be a substitute in the team’s lineup. This starts with the second LCK Spring Split.

T1 announces Sky as a replacement

T1 has not had a bad start, no more, no less. The team needed to comply with the regulations set by Riot regarding international events. According to team general manager Jeong “Becker” Hoi-toon, Sky is a replacement to meet Riot’s standards for MSI and Worlds.

On the other hand, to comply with some naming regulations by LoL Esports, Sky will have to change its nickname to “Skyyy.” This is all because the team needs to meet these standards to be contenders for the MSI, which takes place in the middle of the year. First, however, we must wait to see what Skyyy’s actual role in the team will be and if he will be part of the starting lineup in any LCK Spring Split match.

A spectacular start to the season for T1

T1 has had a spectacular start to the 2023 season. Unfortunately, only perfection has been marred by their loss to Hanwha Life Esports. However, the team has not lost another game so far this season. On the other hand, it is worth noting how the team has managed to win these series, as almost none of them have ended with any other score than 2-0.

Even though we know the great potential of this team and its star-studded lineup, this great start to the season for the three-time Worlds champion team is still impressive.

T1’s mettle will be on display this week at the LCK

While the team has swept all its opponents, they will have to prove their mettle this week against two of the LCK’s most dangerous and powerful contenders, Gen.G Esports and SANDBOX Gaming. The latter has given a lot to talk about this season, as with a 6-2 record, they are in third place in the table and ready to fight for that first place with Gen.G and T1.

On the other hand, Gen. G also has a 6-2 record but has a +7 differential that puts them in second place in the standings.

The game between T1 and Gen.G will be the second match between the two teams in this tournament. The first one ended with a real beating by T1 at the beginning of the Spring Split.

Right now, there is no opponent at T1’s level

Undoubtedly, T1 is currently the best team in the LCK. So now, the team will try to finish this first phase of the Spring Split in the best possible way.

While they failed to hold on to their undefeated record until the last week of the Split, the team has been performing at a mind-blowing level of play. However, Gen.G and SANDBOX Gaming have also had a spectacular level of play so we will have two great games in this last week of the LCK.

The first match will be against SANDBOX on Friday, February 17, at 09:00 CET, and against Gen.G on Sunday, February 19, at 07:00 CET.

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