STYKO Travels 25 Hours To Only Spend 7 At IEM Dallas 2024

After only one day, former Apeks player STYKO and his new team, Monte, were eliminated from IEM Dallas 2024.... Owen | 28. May 2024

After only one day, former Apeks player STYKO and his new team, Monte, were eliminated from IEM Dallas 2024. He had spent three times as many hours traveling as he did in the event.

STYKO, who lives in Slovakia, traveled to Dallas, Texas, United States, to participate in the IEM Dallas 2024 tournament that featured a prize pool of $250,000. Though Monte was nowhere near the favorite to win the event, it is deplorable that they were immediately sent packing right as they got here.

The European mix faced an arduous task right off the bat, playing against Team Vitality in a Best of 1 series. Monte had an incredible start to the map, as kraSnaL was going off the charts on the team’s first-half campaign. Such a performance helped Monte secure a 9-3 Terrorist half, and the upset seemed imminent.

However, Team Vitality won the second pistol round and began rallying rounds. After a string of misplays and missed shots, Monte was forced into overtime and eventually got swept, losing the map 16-12.

After the loss against Team Vitality, Monte had to play an elimination match against Team Falcons later the same day, even though they hadn’t been in the event for more than four hours.

Despite Monte being a new team and still getting used to a new structure, some of the players hinted at being jet-lagged, judging from their gameplay. As a result, the squad displayed a lackluster performance against Team Falcons and got swept in two maps.

Due to dropping the ball against Team Falcons, Monte was out of the tournament on the first day and finished dead last.

Complexity faced a similar situation: They had lost their opening series against Team Liquid and had to play the #1 team in the world, MOUZ, and got eliminated. However, the North American squad only needed a few hours to reach Dallas, as most of the team’s members lived in the United States.

STYKO was understandably disappointed that he had spent over a day constantly traveling just to reach his destination. Monte was forced to play against two strong teams while being visibly jet-lagged. However, being the positive guy that he is, he focused on what’s ahead and will do better in the next tournament.

Many fans are concerned about how this tournament scheduling and format is allowed to take place. Two teams would immediately be eliminated from the event after only playing one day. Usually, most events would at least allow a team to stay two days.

The Monte squad was only rewarded with $4,000 as last-place finishers, and we could only imagine how much traveling would cost for six members (five players + coach), especially when one player took 25 hours to get there.

Though it is inexcusable that Monte didn’t play too well, it is still absurd that they had to travel thousands of miles to play only three maps.

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