| 8. April 2021

Street Fighter V Spring Update Breakdown | Oro, Rose, and Akira Showcased!

The long-awaited Street Fighter V Spring Update has finally been streamed and, needless to say, we’ve got a ton of stuff to go over! First of all, one thing needs to be said: Capcom delivered in every which way. In short, we got a release date for Rose (paired with some mighty alluring gameplay), an official first look at Oro, along with a reveal of Akira Kazama! All in all, that’s about as much as we could’ve asked for!

So, with that little introduction out of the way, let’s begin!

SFV DLC — Rose Joins the Fray!

Rose will be the latest fighter to join the ever-growing SFV roster as a part of the Season Five DLC pass on April 19th. We’d already seen Rose in action so there weren’t any huge surprises this time around. Still, the fact that her official release is so close is definitely a good reason to dust off our controllers and get back into the swing of things!

A 130-year-old hermit

A Thorough First Look at Oro

Getting an in-depth look at Oro, a somewhat obscure but still much-beloved fighter, was definitely the chief delight of the Street Fighter V Spring Update. This ancient martial arts master (and immortal hermit) first appeared in Street Fighter III all the way back in 1997.

And, judging by the fairly thorough demonstration provided by Capcom, it’s fair to say that his core identity has remained intact. Unlike in the past, his right hand is no longer tied. Still, to contain a bit of his immeasurable power, Capcom has decided to give Oro a pet turtle — one that he constantly has to carry and balance. A strange decision, but still perfectly in line with their highly idiosyncratic sense of humor.

There’s still no official release date although Capcom did say that Oro will be shipped in a couple of months. If we were to make a wild stab in the dark we’d argue that June or July would be a pretty good bet!

Akira Kazama Officially Revealed

The cat’s finally out of the bag: Rival Schools’ Akira Kazama will be joining the game this Autumn! She’s therefore the fourth Season Five DLC fighter and, needless to say, she’s not exactly what fans were hoping for. Still, based on the short glimpse we were given, she seems like a perfectly sound addition to the game.

We’ll reserve judgement until we get a more thorough reveal.

Closing Remarks

All in all, we’ve gotten a ton of new information from Capcom — most of which has been extremely exciting! These periodic and timely updates have kept the game alive and well, and while there were certainly numerous detours along the way, it’s fair to say that SFV is in a very good spot right now. It’s still an extremely popular fighting game and is beloved by millions of players around the globe.

It is starting to show its age, however, and we certainly hope that Street Fighter VI eventually delivers in ways in which SFV initially failed.

Finally, on the off-chance you want to watch the entire Street Fighter V Spring Update, you can do so down below: