Snax Joins G2 Esports

Less than a week after benching HooXi, G2 Esports have revealed their new IGL. Nobody expected the organization to... Radu M. | 5. July 2024

Less than a week after benching HooXi, G2 Esports have revealed their new IGL. Nobody expected the organization to sign Snax because his performance in recent years has not better better than HooXi’s. The goal when making a roster change is to achieve an upgrade. But Snax hasn’t won an S-tier tournament or even an A-tier tournament since 2018!

His previous team, GamerLegion, is currently ranked 29th and was never ranked better than 24th in 2024. Meanwhile, G2 is ranked 6th and won multiple S-tier trophies with HooXi as the roster’s IGL.

It’s clear that G2’s players and management wanted to see an improvement and felt like a roster change was needed. But why not bring in someone like cadiaN or s1mple? After changing the IGL, a team generally needs months to achieve fluency again. On top of that, there’s no guarantee that the new system will work better than the previous one.

To maximize the chances of succeeding, teams must sign the best possible players for the vacated roster position. This doesn’t seem to be what G2 did here but we can’t know for certain at the moment. There’s a small chance that Snax will impress everyone with his strategic prowess and we need to give him at least 3-6 months before we reach a conclusion.

Looking at his glory days, which lasted roughly four years between 2014-2018, we know that Snax does have the potential to both play well and be a good IGL. But he is now 31 years old and the past five years do not look great on his CV. Still, G2 decided to trust him, and presumably for good reasons.

In picking Snax for the IGL role, the team’s coach, TaZ, might have been one of the main proponents of this player. After all, both of them are Polish and they used to be teammates back when Virtus.pro was winning important CS:GO tournaments.

The New G2 Esports

Apart from Snax, G2 also replaced nexa with malbsMd in recent weeks. The first real test for this new roster will come very soon. Esports World Cup 2024 is scheduled to start on July 17, and G2’s first match will be against The MongolZ. This opponent won an A-tier trophy and an S-tier trophy in June. At the S-tier event, The MongolZ defeated teams like Astralis, HEROIC, ENCE, and NiP.

It’s quite strange that NiKo did not assume the IGL role. He could have done it, even though he already tried it some years ago and it didn’t work out as planned. With the experience he’s gained since then, he would likely be a much better IGL than he was back then. But once you’re the IGL, it’s hard to be the star of the show because your responsibilities quickly ruin your ability to get a lot of kills.

In that sense, NiKo probably didn’t want to let m0NESY carry the team on his own. G2’s two-carry formula is quite powerful.

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